12 year old Vasilian girl dies after being misdiagnosed by doctors

“Now she’s singing with the angels.” Says the mourning family of the 12 year old.
The Californian pre-teen, Alyssa Alcaraz, took her last breath after being misdiagnosed with flu.

Mariah Alcaraz, the sister, says they assumed Alyssa had something like food poisoning when she came home from school one afternoon sick and vomiting. Based on the symptoms doctors informed the family it was the flu.

But when she did not recover from her ailment even after several days of rest and medication, her mother, Keila Lino decided to consult the urgent care clinic. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that she had severely low levels of oxygen. The 12-year-old was immediately rushed to the Kaweah Delta Medical Center but within hours she suffered multi-organ failures and passed away by Sunday afternoon.

12 year old Vasilian girl dies after being misdiagnosed by doctors

The official cause of child death is stated to be cardiopulmonary arrest from a septic shock caused by a strep blood infection. The family denies having any knowledge of her having a bacterial infection before she passed away.

“Outgoing and beautiful soul” loved singing, science, baking and spending time with her family, read the obituary of the Green Acres Middle School student. The family now grieves the untimely demise of little Alyssa in life and in social media and are warning others of symptoms coinciding with flu which may actually be something fatal. GoFundMe pages were established to help the family with funeral arrangements.

Below is a video from abc30, covering the news and talking to the victims parents and family.