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The movie starts with an action scene capturing a young woman waking up after a terrible accident. She finds herself locked in a dark cellar. There were also two men with her and they told her that she was rescued by the men. She was also told that she couldn’t go outside as the world is uninhabitable. Uncertain of the situation and not knowing what to do and whom to believe the woman had just a single attention which is to escape from the place she was caught at. The cellar seemed to be a plan against here. The movie has a run time of 1 hour and 15 minutes; the story for the movie was compiled by Josh Campbell, Mathew Stuecken, and Damien Chazelle. The directors for the movie were Dan Trachtenberg. Besides this, the movie was classified under the Genre Mystery and Suspense, Drama.


The films play well on one’s expectations. The tension is created constantly with the drama comprising of about two hours. The film starts with a woman Michelle the role played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Micelle was returning from a deserted country Louisiana when her car got an accident. Her car got slammed by an oncoming van. The drama begins as she woke up and found herself in a cellar. She was chained to the wall and was having a notion that she is kidnapped. The scenario becomes quite gloomy when she was struggling with the chains hoping to get her free and getting familiar with the atmosphere around her. Michelle tried every possible thing to get rid of the situation she was in dismay and despair she also tried using an IV drip attached to her arm, in order to reach her telephone. All these actions clearly depict what sort of character Michelle is. At that point, there is an introduction of a new character Harold played by John Goodman. Michelle was assuming that Harold was her kidnapper but Harold told her that she was rescued by him. Besides this, he also told her about the things happening in the outside world. He told her that the world from here is uninhabited and the situation there is too odd for their savior. Though Michelle wasn’t trusting of the single word that Harold was telling her yet as the time passes she was more and more attracted towards Harold. Besides, the situation they were in and that are constantly being attracted towards each other Michelle was planning every moment and thinking of the ways by which she can escape the cellar. In such a scenario a third member was introduced Emmett, the character was played by John Gallagher Jr. His role was much more of a comedian in the Harsh situation that was taking place in a film. Thus, a movie has it all, drama, action, thrill, and comedy


The movie involves characters named as:

  • John Goodman Howard
  • Mary Elizabeth Winsted Michelle
  • John Gallagher Jr. Emmett
  • Douglas M. Griffin Driver
  • Suzanne Cryer Woman
  • Bradley Cooper Ben (voice)
  • Sumalee Montano    Voice on Radio (voice)
  • Frank Mottek Radio Broadcaster


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Release Date:

This movie released on March 9, 2016.


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