The Arnold Classic Australia was taking place in Melbourne over the last weekend, and the eleventh Pro Raw Powerlifting Championships gathered some best powerlifters of the world to compete with each other. The event took place over the three day Expo.

On the final day, Dylan Hellriegel showed incredible performance and took the platform. He competed in the 125kg+ weight class and made history of the powerlifting sport.

Dylan became the first powerlifter  who managed to squat 1.000lbs and to deadlift 900lbs in one and the same raw competition. He got a bunch of attention for a good reason, his performance was outstanding.

Hellriegel finished with a 1.003lb (455kg) lift for the squat and made it very smoothly. He wrote in his Instagram video description:

“Pretty damn happy with this squat, I wasn’t going to miss it with @schwarzenegger 3ft from the platform.”


Dylan finished with a 529lb (240kg) press on the bench press and made an incredible 1.532lb (695kg) total before heading into deadlift.

After all, Dylan Hellriegel finished his amazing performance with a 903lb (410kg) pull and made a 2.436lb (1.105kg) total. This was the ninth highest all-time total ever and the biggest total in the history of a junior powerlifter.


Now Hellriegel is the first powerlifter of any age to squat more than 1.000lb and deadlift more than 900lb raw in one and the same competition. Keep in mind, Dylan is just a junior!





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