Member of Main Ingredient, ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr passed away at the age of 72!

According to TMZ ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr was found dead earlier today. The veteran singer’s body was found in his car.

Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr was living in Woodland Hills, California with his wife Shirley.

According to details given by the fire dept, they performed CPR but the actor was already dead. The cause of death remains unknown but it could be due to drug overdose.

Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr was a background singer until 1971 when he took the lead. He became the leading singer after the death of Donald McPherson.

Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr was a music legend.
Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr passed away earlier today. He was 72 years old.

Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr was born in New York on 27th April, 1944. Music was always his passion since he grew up with his band mates. The Main Ingredient consisted of Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr, Donald McPherson, Luther Simmons and Tony Sylvester. The band rose to fame in 1970’s with their hit songs “Happiness is Just Around the Bend,” “Everybody Plays the Fool,” “Rolling Down a Mountainside,” and “Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely.”

He was the background singer until 1971. McPherson suffered from leukemia after his death Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr became the lead vocalist.  McPherson died on 4th July, 1971.

Taking a look at Gooding’s personal life. He has been married twice but to the same lady; Shirley Sullivan. He married her in 1974. They had 4 kids together but separated later on. Somewhat after 21 years of separation, Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr married Shirley Sullivan again in 1995.

Their children include famous actor Cuba Gooding Jr, musician Tommy Gooding, Omar and April Gooding. Sir Gooding was not only a singer but an actor too. He acted in a movie named “Radio.”

This is such a sad day for Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr’s family. His body was found slumped on his car in his Woodland Hills house. Our condolences to his families. The music industry has lost a quintessential asset today but bis void would never be filled.

Take a moment to pray for the departed music legend Sir ‪‪Cuba Gooding Sr.