Xiaomi Mi 5S Release Date Announced in Xiaomi Press Release!

Xiaomi Mi 5S Release Date(Credits : Youtube)

The upcoming Xiaomi press release at China National Convention Center, Beijing is highly expected to reveal Xiaomi Mi 5S Release Date on Sept. 27 Fans took a hint when an invitation that was released online said that the Xiaomi Mi 5S will be the flagship device to be revealed in the said press event. To support this, it even flaunted a rather big “S” symbol. ┬áThe case is much different for Xiaomi Mi Note 2, another highly anticipated device, whose release may be delayed by a month.


Techs from GizmoChina have gathered leaks that indicate that the Xiaomi Mi 5S will be equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor clocked at 2.4GHz and the Adreno 530 GPU that has 650MHz. Moreover, it is said to carry 6GB of RAM and built-in storage amounting to 256GB. Giving fans more to look forward to aside from the Xiaomi Mi 5S Release Date.

Moreover, aside from carrying a Qualcomm processor, the Xiaomi Mi 5S will be equipped with a 3490 mAh battery. It will also have a 5.15-inch display with a 3D touch feature installed. Other leaks suggest that the Xiaomi Mi 5S will have a 16MP camera with a 4K video recording at 30fps.

Even with the Xiaomi Mi 5S Release Date being announced in the recent press release, some fans are still uncertain which of the two smartphones will be the flagship for the Chinese brand. Whether it is the Xiaomi Mi 5S or the Xiaomi Mi Note 2.


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