Xbox One Console Sales Soaring Sky High Since 500GB and 1TB Release, Besting the PlayStation 4!

Xbox One Console Sales(Image by Official Xbox Website)

Microsoft couldn’t be any happier with the recent report on Xbox One Console Sales, it is stated that sales have significantly increased since the release of the new Xbox One that offers a 500GB and a 1TB version. The sales also showed a dramatic increase in the United Kingdom whereas the sales rose about 989 percent to 1,000 percent.


The Xbox One Console Sales booming was already anticipated by Microsoft since previous reports have proven that the Xbox One even outsold the PlayStation 4 back in July and August as well for this year. However, what a surprise it was when the sales even in the United Kingdom started rising.

Since the Xbox One Console Sales are rising, analysts have already made their assessments that this increase in sales can be because the demand for the Xbox One has risen while the demand for the iconic gaming consoles, the PlayStation 4 started to slow down, even when Sony released a slimmer version of their console.

Moreover, the increase in Xbox One Console Sales can also be because Microsoft recently introduced the Xbox One S in both 500GB and 1TB, which will undoubtedly provide a better gaming experience for gamers who prefer the Xbox console. Plus, the new Xbox One offers 4K Blu-ray support, which equates to better resolution, thus better gaming.

Microsoft is indeed glad about this new advancement since the Xbox One Console Sales have improved dramatically, marking this accomplishment for their console, since the Xbox series always seemed to be a step behind the PlayStation series for quite some time.


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  • Tom Thomson

    This is a pretty poor article. The title has the wrong number (50gb instead of 500gb) and the first paragraph makes it sound like the xbox was just released because if leaves out the critical “S” of the new version. Furthermore, the content in the middle doesn’t provide any substance. Overall this article doesn’t say much and actually confuses things more than it helps.

  • Nate Wood

    I just came here to laugh about the 50GB model that won’t install a single retail game without overfilling. Oh, that doesn’t exist???