What Final Fantasy XV is like – In The Words Of Matt Espineli And Peter Brown

final fantasy XV Updates
Written by Scott Robert

Matt Espineli is a review writer at GameSpot, known widely for his description skills, Matt often gets offers from new and upcoming games for review. Matt has played the soon-to-be-released role-playing action game Final Fantasy XV. Matt says that he played 5 chapters of the game which gives it about 12-15 hours.

final fantasy 15

final fantasy 15

In this article we have collected all the information from Matt’s interview that every Final Fantasy follower should know. Matt and Peter Brown sat together on one side of the interview table and here is what Matt and Peter had to say about Final Fantasy XV.

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Question: How were the first 10 minutes?

Matt described the feeling as “completely blown away”. Hold your horses people, Matt is no easy guy to impress. Matt said that unlike Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV didn’t hold the player in isolated environment before throwing the player out into the open world after 20-22 hours’ gameplay. Matt told GameSpot that Final Fantasy XV took no more than 10 minutes before handing the player complete freedom of roaming out into the open world to explore.

final fantasy XV

final fantasy XV

Question: Is Final Fantasy XV really a true “open world” game?

According to Peter, Final Fantasy XV being an open world game depends upon some factors, which include how the player will perceive the definition of “open world”, what is the level of the character and what is the progress of the player in the story. “Eventually, you will get there…” is how Peter describes it.

Question: Did you roam around the world off-story? How were the side quests in the game?

Matt says that the side quests in the game were what everyone can predict. There was no level of uniqueness, no new ideas about reinventing the off-story gameplay. Some quests are as absurd as “go to point A, find something, go to point B, deliver that something and then come back to me to complete the quest.” The side quest follow a standard pattern in the game and they haven’t been worked upon thoroughly.

final fantasy XV Updates

final fantasy XV Updates

Question: Help us get an idea of what the world of Final Fantasy XV is like?

The best way to describe the overall explanation of Matt would be that, as the game is surrounded on a road trip, the world of the game is also kindof a huge highway. Matt told GameSpot how the world has a very unique balance of reality that goes perfect alongside the fantasy part of the game. WHile on the road, there are many pit-stop-type of areas where you meet people and “take a rest” from the main story line. Small towns, localities, diners, desert-ish spots, landscapes full of greenery and “brownery” are all a part of the Final Fantasy XV’s world.

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Question: Final Fantasy XV has been portraying a lot of aspects of the game in the trailers, to help me and the viewers: Does the world look engaging? Does it makes you want to go back and continue playing?

Yes! (Matt’s voice now turns into a deeper, more emphatical tone) The world is very engaging there is so much to do, so many places to visit

. The supporting characters are mysterious and their secrets are revealed slowly and gradually after engaging in side quests with them. Matt told GameSpot that the world is very intriguing, that the curiosity is built up very well in the game and it pushes the players to engage into off-story activities and actually have a full taste of the fantasy.

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