Unbiased review of Sleep Number bed.

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Here is all you need to know about the Sleep Number bed.

Sleep Number beds are produced by a public company named “Select Comfort”. The company is based in Minneapolis.  The company is famous for its modifiable air mattresses. The mattresses can be adjusted and the bed’s firmness according to your likeness and taste. Actually, the higher the “sleep number,” the more firm the mattress is.  It’s an advanced model that makes the company distinctive.  The company has numerous numbers of innovations and nowadays the updated model is the memory foam version of its mattress.  Sleep Number beds are available in showrooms and online.

I started researching about this company in order to dig out the most significant things you should know about the company and their adjustable air beds.Users love the adjustable firmness. About 25 % of users claim the Sleep Number bed has reduced or eliminated aches, especially back pain. An essential ,benefit for couples who share the same bed and want to put up the needs of a partner with pain problems without giving up their own ease. Though, sinkage and other support problems are less common with airbeds than other types of mattresses.  However, electric pump helps a lot, the users on both side of the bed can adjust the Sleep Number’s air pressure up or down to find the best support according to their needs.

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Here is my review on the mattress:

Models of Sleep Number Beds

Sleep Number offers four series of beds. As most of the companies do, they vary in the quality of the mattresses and their price range. The 4 series are as follows:

Classic Series

This series offers you to feel and benefits of the matchless technology of the company without having to pay an excessive amount of money. The mattress height is in the 8-9 inch range, which is lower than the other three series of beds. However, classic offers low price options, the queen size is as low as $1,000

Performance Series

There is a cushion top design and a 5-zone comfort coating that allows for users compliant of the various parts of the body. The starting prices of these beds are $2,100.  The mattresses are better in quality than the classic series, which is generally related with more comfort.

Memory Foam Series

The core transformation from the Performance series is the foam.  The memory foam uses gel technology to keep the sleeping surface as cool as possible. The starting prices of these beds are $2800.

Innovation Series

These are the densest beds offered and have additional features that the other series do not have.  These beds are for the most serious mattress users with budget to spend. The starting prices of these beds are $3000.

Firmness and Customization of Sleep number beds

If you are the one who do things on their beds amid of the day and want to change firmness for the day & night, Sleep Number offers you to do this.  If you share bed with a partner, you can adjust your sideways of the bed and your partner can individually adjust his/her side of the bed.  This may be best if you love a different firmness setting from your partner. This is most distinctive part of Sleep Number beds, and what really vary them from other mattresses, is the ability to adjust the firmness of both sides of the bed whenever you want.

Firmness and Customization of Sleep number beds
Firmness and Customization of Sleep number beds

The company claims that old-style mattress is incomplete by providing a one-size-fits-all solution.  Sleep Number offers each bed to provide to any one by letting the person adjust the firmness of the bed with the just a remote. The facility to customize is what makes Sleep Number be noticeable from the rest.

Value of Sleep number beds

At $1,000 to $5,000 for a queen size the Sleep number beds are somewhat expensive, this range of air beds rates well above the normal price tag of other mattress types. Even though, the top price is lower than that for competitors adjustable air mattresses made for every time usage. Sleep Number beds offers warranties of its mattresses for 25 years, although coverage is prorated after the first two years. However, freight and arrangement costs are not refundable, and the buyer has to pay for shipping the bed back.

Value of Sleep number beds
Value of Sleep number beds

Durability of Sleep number beds

Sleep Number mattresses stays long time, because any problem with the bed’s parts can be fixed with a spare part. Not only mechanical parts can be replacement, i.e.  Air pumps but also fixed parts like foam uppers. Normally, user keep their Sleep Number beds for almost 10 years, at least one in five claim their beds have underwent from some type of longevity problem, such as leaking air parts or remote failures. 


Distinctiveness of Sleep number bed

Sleep Number is matchless in the mattress business and has pared out a much focused niche.  Whereas, no other major competitor in the business has really attempted to go after this position to directly enter against Sleep Number.  Hence, it is quite unique in mattress business.  When a company Tempur-pedic came into the competition, doing really well, and many players tried to imitate what they were doing. The fact that is a plus point with Sleep Number is that Sleep Number has a very different and innovative product that is hard to copy.

Distinctiveness of Sleep number bed
Distinctiveness of Sleep number bed

It takes a huge R&D investment to create a bed that matches the features of a Sleep Number bed.  Also, I think it’s a symbol of admiration from rivals that they are not really trying to replicate what Sleep Number has achieved .There is opportunity to try to insure the cost just below Sleep Number, however nobody has actually tried very hard to be the company to replicate the features. Generally, according to me Sleep Number has managed a different room and embedded itself in portion of the market where no other opponent feels the need to beat.

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SleepIQ feature of Sleep Number bed

Motion isolation of Sleep Number bed
Motion isolation of Sleep Number bed

An interesting innovation that Sleep Number bed has introduced that we must note is SleepIQ. Sleep Number is really active in adopting the “Internet of Things.”  Nowadays, individuals have wearable devices that track sleeping and breathing patterns, but SleepIQ does not need to wear the device or anything. This works really simply.  The Sleep Number beds have this equipment that has sensors.

The sensors calculate your heart rate, breathing rate, and movement while you sleep.  This technique enables you to study more about your nap and the software will give you detailed advices on possible alternates you can make to your “sleep number” or daily routine. According to my research this advancement is really cool and helpful, but it might not be on most people’s priority list.


Motion isolation of Sleep Number bed

If you share the bed with your partner, you may have experienced that motion isolation can be a big inconvenience and really disturb the quality of your sleep.  Even, if the motion isolation is bad, you will experience waking up repeatedly when your partner changes around or gets out of bed. According, to my research Sleep Number beds are actually doing good job of isolating motion, they are making their beds perfect for couples. If you Compare it with to coil or spring mattresses, Sleep Number beds outdo in this capacity.

Motion isolation of Sleep Number bed
Motion isolation of Sleep Number bed

However, if you compare it with the best memory and latex foam mattresses, Sleep Number doesn’t relatively cut off motion as well. It’s for the reason that a slight bit of air will be moved when one partner gets out of bed, which can be the effect the other person sharing the bed.  Generally, however, motion isolation is better Swith Sleep Number beds.

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Financing policy of Sleep Number bed

In order to reach the customers budget and to facilitate them, Sleep Number offers financing options to its customers. The credit application system is quite easy and handy. You have to fill out an online form and some financial information about yourself, and then click submit, later you will receive an instant credit decision.  If the price tag is not in your budget don’t worry, this financing policy is a good option.

Financing policy of Sleep Number bed
Financing policy of Sleep Number bed

Return policy of Sleep Number bed

Sleep Number beds offer 100-night money back trial to try out your mattress. This is a long span of time and indeed enough to know whether it will be a right choice for you in the long-term according to me. But, if you want to return back the mattress in the required time phase, however, you will have to pay the freight charges to send the mattress back to Sleep Number. This policy irritates some people. With the new businesses that are introducing in the mattress industry, but according to the new business ventures, they offer free to return back.

Hence, I think that Sleep Number is a little bit late with this feature, and this frame of mind is revealed many times in the reviews on different sites. I think that the fashion in the business is touching towards more and more companies proposing returns for free that the customer has to experience. Maybe Sleep Number changes their policy in near the future.

Warranty Policy of Sleep Number bed

Warranty policy at Sleep Number is restricted for 25 years. In the first two years, Sleep Number will be fixing and swapping just anything free of cost. After the mentioned time period, the warranty is prorated. Basically, it apparently means each year that passes, you will then be liable for the repair costs.  The warranty of Sleep Number bed is certainly typical for mattresses in this kind, but businesses are starting to offer more responsive terms for their warranty.  Generally, most holders say the warranty could be improved.

Marketing Strategy of Sleep Number bed

Some claims of the Sleep Number marketing strategies are questionable:

  • The company claims that their Sleep Number bed mattress persists double as long as an innerspring mattress but expenses about the equal. By research, we found that the bed persists on normal about 70% lengthier than the usual innerspring mattress, not double as lengthy. And the value contrast seems to be an overstatement as the normal Sleep Number model is near $2,300 though the typical innerspring mattress is approximate $1,000 conferring to the research.
  • Sleep Number bed’s statements that just the Sleep Number bed gives you the customized comfort the couple desire. If this is stating to the detail that each half of the bed delivers modifiable comfort, then the claim is not accurate as challenging airbeds also offer this feature.
  • Particular statements concerning the smoothness and temperature coolness of their beds are not reliable with a substantial number of user experiences.
  • Sleep Number quotes a self-lead research displaying that 91% of Sleep Number bed users would endorse the mattress. This ratio is well greater than average user’s pleasure ratio on Sleep Number’s website is 78% in addition to the user gratification rate firm by our research that is 77%.

Sleep Number bed is best for you if:

  • You share the bed with you partner and both of you have different preferences on firmness.  Any kind of discussion about what firmness is best for the bed sharing partners eliminated because you can custom different firmness levels for every side of the mattress.
  • You are in search of a very long-term way out, Sleep Number beds have long life more than most mattresses. The structure in parts technique permits you to exchange any imperfect part and it sorts looking after and keeping the mattress abundant for the long span easily.

You are in search of high quality mattress, Sleep Number bed still offers a distinctive and interesting worth proposition. The beds are not for everybody and obviously there are other choices with high quality materials at lower costs.

You use your bed much in the day timings and have diverse needs from day to night; Sleep Number beds are best for you. For instance, if you watch movies in bed and want a different firmness while watching, Sleep Number beds are perfect for you.

You may dislike Sleep Number bed because:

  • Bed allows each individual to adjust their side of the bed to the level of firmness they want. But, when one side pointedly differs from the other, it creates a trench effect, in which the middle of the bed is steeped than the sides. Both partners have a propensity to move toward the mid.
  • The statement by the business is that there is a period of 100 days where the bed can be on trial devoid of risk. Actually, what is deceptive is that only parts of the bed are exchangeable. Definitely, the adjustable frame part which is an approx. to cost $1500 of the price is non-refundable.
  • The most reported complaints of this bed is the probability of rising mold. Sleep Number bed has a design with air spaces under foam layers. After some time, the growth of mold can occur between these foams. The company states to have improved the supplies to guarantee mold development does not happen. The occurrence of mold bacteria can lead to the spreading out of asthma in some beings.
  • Airbeds generally, including Sleep Number beds, make some noise because of the fact that they use electric air pumps to adjust their firmness and support level.

I hope my article was helpful for you. And you have got the information you wanted.


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