Travis Scott

 Travis Scott new song releases today!

Jacques Webster, Jr. better known as Travis Scott is an American hip-hop artist, writer, and singer. 24 aged, artist was born in April 30, 1992 in Houston.

He was a former member of Odd-Future. Lately he has released a new album, Blonde and several singles after he left Def Jam.

The singer Travis Scott recently collaborated with Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean has released two versions of the song titled as “lens “from the album Blonde. His two songs namely “Biking” and “channel” were also out on the radio lately this year.
Here is the treat for our readers you can listen the latest song “lens” below

The new song “lens” by Frank Ocean featuring Travis Scott.

LENS !!!!

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Fans are waiting for his new album which is expected soon. The date of launching is not yet final but fans are hopeful due to his constant production of music. Frank Ocean has also announced the live sessions at lovebox festival later this summer in London. It’s uncertain whether the songs are hope to formation of a new project or whether they are not pieces of last year’s Endless or blonde.

Frank is very active regarding his music production work. He also performs on Clavin Harris “slide”.He is also ready for hitting the headlines this year in FYF Fest in Los Angeles.

Travis Scott with Kylie Jenner.

The 24, hip-hop artist Travis Scott was recently in news for being seen with the 19 year Kylie Jenner. She recently separated with her boyfriend Flam Tyga of two years.

Video was found on social media in which two people are holding hands purport to be the two artists. They were walking through the festival and walking around like a happy couple. Travis Scott was there on the festival for his performance on one of his number.

According to the people present on the event told that both the stars Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were even seen kissing in the public.