The zoo keeper wife helped to save the life of hundreds Jewish
The zoo keeper wife helped to save the life of hundreds Jewish

The Zookeeper Wife” opens in theaters on Friday — based on a 2007 book written by Diane Ackerman and directed by Niki Caro

The Zookeeper Wife is an incredible story of a family fighting for what they think is correct during World War II. You will found many glimpses into moments in this family’s life, but yes from all those moments many of them didn’t make sense and failed to depict them as full story. But somehow the movie got a average rating due to cast and the main lead in which Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Timothy Radford and later in the film by Val Maloku were top of the list. There were some flash moments that really got a hit in the audience heart.One of them was the devastation wrought upon the zoo is something palpably felt in the audience, but it is a heaviness and an upset that the film never showed up moments like this again.

The story spins around the Zabinski family, and is told from Antonina’s point of view that is basically The Zookeeper’s Wife.In the movie they showed the very kind nature of The Zookeeper Wife as Antonina’s first scenes highlights interrupting her own party to deliver a baby elephant, which demonstrate her love for animals. The director picks that sign of loving animals which leads toward helping the Jewish people in cages that were used for animals before.  Story further moves toward the situation when as the war progresses and how The Zookeeper Wife helped the Jewish people. The story is about The Zookeeper Wife that was Jessica Chastain who act as Antonina in the film, the family ran the Warsaw Zoo during the war II and who clandestinely facilitate hundreds of Jews fleeing German-occupied Poland. The Zabinskis used their discarded cages which were used for their animals and one could imagine that how in this story they used it to keep the Jews in that storage which had detained animal. The zookeeper’s wife had to keep it secret from Nazis. It is the zookeeper wife Antonina (Jessica Chastain) who always stayed at home and her duty is to make sure everyone is quiet and not making unreasonable sounds for the period when Nazis are around. The zookeeper wife Antonina has to induce Nazi zoologist Lutz Heck (Daniel Brühl) that she has some sort of feelings for him and she showed affection so that he doesn’t become conscious what the family is doing behind his back.

Now the Jews who were probably 300 in numbers and got help from the Zabinski family, they had to group amidst the hay and feeding foodstuffs, and they got train by themselves not to make a sound awaiting the time when they heard Antonina Zabinski play a piano with certain melody so they can get the idea that Nazis are not there. This is the time when they can freely move in zoo and can do the stuff they like to do as painting the walls with diverse scenario of war and do painting of their Jewish stars and they wrote the names of some people who were staying there at zoo with the help of the zoo keeper’s wife. The family was non-Jews who vigorously helping to save Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

Different kind of responses emerged from the side of audience who watched The Zookeeper Wife. If we see the story with perspective of logic then we found film was even less compelling than it is. No one can doubt that Antonina, Jan, and everyone else at the zoo played their role well. Of course they all went through a lot of strict and brutal hardship and we appreciated their triumph of saving hundreds of lives due their little deeds of kindness that should certainly be acknowledged, but it is worthy of a better overall film and story is powerful.

In nutshell The Zookeeper Wife showed up the character of  Antonina as a courteous and courageous lady who got excellent spirit to save the 300 Jewish people .she risked her family and her own life to save them, and how she accomplished her mission of saving the lives of’s all about the survival of other human beings by pulling herself  in’s about the enthralling and emotionally overwhelming film “The Zookeeper Wife”.

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