The smallest surviving baby ever born is from South Asia

World’s smallest surviving baby born is from South Asia

The smallest surviving baby ever born is now in the account of South Asia. A 28-week-old infant, Manushi from Rajasthan, India
The 28-week-old baby born on June 15, 2017. She became the smallest surviving baby ever born in the world. She weighed just 14 ounces, means not bigger than a large bar of chocolate as per New York Post.

An emergency C-section was performed on the 48- year old Seeta, mother of Manushi as she went under complications during her pregnancy. The doctors at Jivanta Children’s Hospital of Udaipur, India decided this. She went through extremely low blood pressure. Before the estimated date of delivery, an ultrasound was performed on Manushi’s mother. The ultrasound revealed a problem in blood flow to the placenta.

Manushi was 8.6 inches at the time of birth and she had underdeveloped kidneys, brain, heart, and a paper-thin skin. She had 0.5 percent chance of surviving told by the doctors.

In Times Now, the Senior Professor of Neonatology from Bharti University in Pune, India, Dr. Pradeep Suryawanshi said that the babies who born this much small have extremely bad conditions of all the body organs which includes lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, intestine, skin, adrenals etc.

The smallest surviving baby ever born is from South Asia
He also said that problem in any of the system can kill the baby and it is the common results in such cases.

The way to survival was not smooth for Manushi as the doctors were also not sure about the survival of the premature baby. Although she survived and is now out of danger and hoping to have a normal life in future.

Dr. Suni Janged, Chief Neonatologist at the hospital said that Manushi was struggling to breathe. She was immediately put on advanced respiratory support.

The doctors had to start the baby on total parenteral nutrition and put elements directly into the blood as she could not be fed directly due to immaturity.
The baby was able to breathe on her own after seven weeks.

Manushi was weighed 5.2 pounds after six months. Her body organs functioned properly.

Dr. Janged said that Manushi’s life was very important because of her gender. In a state like Rajasthan where female infanticide is uncontrolled.
People should come forward to end up such practices.