The Delay For ‘Batman: Return To Arkham’ Could Be Over As Dark Knight Faces His Worst Year

Batman: Return To Arkham
Written by Greg Thomas

The Batman Franchise has had a dull year but the much-expected release of a more inspiring game is something that is going to change things. Batman: Return to Arkham is a title that could hold on for the moment. Batman: Return to Arkham has perhaps taken itself away from the seemingly uninviting rumors that had surrounded it including the delays in release and possibly a cancellation; this is according to Mobile and Apps.

Recently, the WB Games’s team hinted that it was going to give more time to the Virtuos Games’ team to deliver a more polished version of the Batman Arkham. However, Rocksteady Studios and the WB Games team announced the release of the game amid speculations that Virtuos Games may not deliver.

The release of the game Batman: Return to Arkham may only be one thing people are paying attention to. There is also the detailing of the game, especially in Play Station 4 and PlayStation 3 versions, which may still be another thing to look at during this time fans are keeping an eye on the game.

There have been unpleasant criticisms put forward against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the bottlenecks given to not only Batman: A Telltale Series but also the Batman: Arkham Knight. These games had chaos in their PC versions, but it is expected that fans are going to feel relieved when finally Batman: Return to Arkham gets ashore. It is expected that Batman: Return to Arkham will be released on 18th October.

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