Saturday, April 4, 2020

Thai Orphanage Gains Recognition after Visit from James Frazer-Mann

The city of Bangkok in Thailand is home to hundreds of small children who are without a home. More than 300 of these children are housed at the Pakkred Orphanage, and even though they don’t have a home, they do have support from outside the city. The orphanage recently received humanitarian assistance from traveler James Frazer-Mann, who hails from Wales. On an educational trip the orphanage, he brought with him much-needed supplies- medical equipment and toys.January 27, 2017

He is also trying to shine a light on the hardships these children face every day and their limited resources. Those who live in the western world are mostly unaware of the struggles of these children as well as the struggles faced by those in other undeveloped countries. James Frazer-Mann from Barry, Wales realizes how serious their plight is, and he is doing what he can to send resources there and ensure others know about the needs of these children. These little ones are known as the “Forgotten Babies of Thailand” and they range in age from new-born children to four-year-olds. The trip for him was not solely humanitarian, as he wanted to learn first-hand about their struggles. Every one of those children is hungry for love and support, and James returned recently to Wales to share their stories and to encourage others to help out.

A number of these babies are left at the orphanage as soon as they are born. The families in the surrounding villages and throughout Bangkok simply don’t have the means to take care of the children. They live in abject poverty, and they want the best for their little ones. James has made it clear that any help that people can offer would make a difference, no matter how small it is. He desperately wants people to know about these children and their suffering and wants to encourage people to help them out in any way they can.

A look at the orphanage’s Facebook page highlights the many successful adoption that have taken place there over the years. Many of these children whose families were too poor to take care of them properly now live happy and fruitful lives elsewhere in the world. They have been raised in loving homes and have a chance to succeed where they otherwise would not have, thanks in part to the efforts of the Pakkred Orphanage.

The orphanage is run by the Thai Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and it has seven buildings that house these children. Donations of food, clothing, toys, medical supplies and other resources are essential for these children to be able to survive. Those who want to visit the facility for themselves can do that as well.

James Frazer-Mann is making a concerted effort to help these children, and has promised to make more information about his efforts known soon.

For those who are in interested in helping, it is a good idea to read the reviews that are posted on the orphanage’s Facebook page. One of them is written by Deborah Major, who adopted a child from Pakkred 24 years ago, when the child was only two. Her daughter has grown into a fine young woman, and Deborah has shared her touching story about raising her on the Facebook page. There are many other stories like hers there to read and be inspired by. For more about James Frazer-Mann’s efforts, you can go to his site

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