Here is all you need to know about Billboard Music Award 2017!!!

After the long waited, the Billboard Music Award 2017 are just around the corner. The awards will be on air this Sunday i.e. 22nd May at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC and will be featuring all the well-known icons from all categories both performing and challenging in one of the leading annual nights for pop music.

Just right before the event starts here we share with you the details to get thrilled to watch the show, 10 music icons will be performing their Solo debut singing shows, pop stars enlivening their old classics, multi nominations going for BBMAs history. Check the list below of the performing stars, so stay tuned early on Sunday eve for the official  Billboard Music Award 2017 red carpet show, streaming entirely on Twitter.

Vanessa Hudgens co-hosting Ludacris  

The performer born Christopher Bridges will be hosting the center stage at the Billboard Music Award 2017 for the very first time now, but now he is not doing it solely Ludacris is joining the movie and Television actor Vanessa Hudgens. Hudgens says  “I think I might give him a little more energy than what he’s used to, but we’ll just have to wait and see,  “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”


The Chain smokers and Drake tie for the leading year in Bill Board Music Awards history.

The EDM and the hip-hop superstar scored 22 nominees at this year’s Billboard Music Award 2017, breaking the all-time top score for a performer in a single year. If one or the other artist reach the record with more than a dozen at Sunday’s award ceremonies, they can beat the current record owner Adele for the most wins ever at a single Bill Board Music Awards. Twenty One Pilots, with 17 nominees and Rihanna 14, is also to set a new benchmark.

Nicki Minaj commencing the award ceremony.

The Billboard Music Award 2017 will be starting with her mesmerizing performance from one of pop and hip-hop’s leading stars, as Nicki Minaj fresh single of the new release of her Katy Perry collaboration “Swish Swish” Will start the show. Last Thursday, Nikki Minaj tweeted on Twitter that she will be accompanying some of her guests along with her, too for example Jason Derulo , current “Swalla” hit she has performed on, and Lil Wayne and David Guetta,  she collaborated  with the group for”Light My Body Up”.

Hamilton competing Purple Rain. 

One of the more captivating showdowns of the night will come in the Top song  or Cast Album, among the best-selling Hamilton song and Prince’s oldie  Purple Rain that he release  in 1984 which previously won the American Music Award for Top songs last year, given its robust sales after the Purple One’s sad 2016 death. Neither set is a sure winner; however they’ll also accept solid competition in the category from the hit song to Moana, Suicide Squad and Trolls.


Miley Cyrus singing “Malibu.”

Ever since she made her big comeback to music’s lead with her Billboard cover story previously this May, Miley Cyrus has verified with her exquisite retaliation single “Malibu” that she’s quite a pop strength to be add up with. The continuously self reviving star will make her come back to the Billboard Music Award 2017 platform on Sunday, to give “Malibu” live on airing on the national TV debut, which is to be the most hummed song.


Camila Cabello’s first ever solo performance on TV.

Camila Cabello has taken abundant of national platforms as a member of Fifth Harmony, and formerly this May, adorned the MTV Movie and TV Awards beside with Pitbull and J Balvin to sing their Fate of the Furious music single “Hey Ma.” Nevertheless this Sunday, days later releasing her new “Crying in the Club” single soundtrack, Camila will be performing first time on her own on an awards show. The show guaranteed to be in Harmonizer legends for all time.


Beyonce and Adele a second go.

Those pop fans who adored the performance of the two superwomen appeasement for top tributes at the 2017 Grammys. They’ll get an opportunity to see the duo go at it once again at the Billboard Music Award 2017, where both Adele and Beyonce are participating in two categories that  includes Top Artists. Will Adele make it for “two for two”? Will Beyonce surprise her? Or will any of the other eight candidates such as Justin Bieber, Drake or The Chainsmokers  turn the tables? That’s what you can only know after watching the show.


Justin Bieber and Rihanna are the most total winnings nominees in Billboard Music Awards history.

Taylor Swift is the current record winner of all-time Billboard Music Awards, with total 21 wins. However Tailor Swift’s top score could be in danger on Sunday night.  Rihanna previously is a 12-time winner could skip her if she takes home 10 or more of the 14 Billboard Music Awards 2017 she’s candidate for. And however he can’t pass her this year, Justin Bieber has15 wins that could match Taylor’s 21wins, if he get a perfect 6 on 6 with his nominations.


Celine Dion and Cher singing the late ’90s classic.

The two official Billboard Music Awards winners, last year’s receiver Celine Dion, and this year’s winner Cher will flash back a decades oldie classic  on Sunday eve, with shows of two Hot 100-topping classics: “My Heart Will Go On”  as It will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and “Believe,” one-to-one. In her current Billboard cover story, Cher exposed that in spite of the song’s final success, recording “Believe” was a “nightmare,” and its emblem Auto-Tune voiced effects came as a outcome of her storming out of the studio timely.


Twenty One Pilots competing The Chainsmokers.

Perhaps 2016’s two prime getaway acts surely among category concealing cusp duos will find themselves reunion against one another at the  in a amazing 10 distinct categories, with Top Artist, Top Duo/Group, Top Hot 100 Artist, and the fan-voted Billboard Chart Achievement.

Which pair will carry the night? Stay tuned for the show coming on this coming Sunday.