Shooting in Fayette County kills 5 and Injures 1

Pennsylvania: A Pennsylvania State Police trooper stated there is “no motive, no reason” that officials are knowledgeable of for a bulk shooting which happened on Sunday in Fayette County.

Shooting in Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Five people are dead, three men and two women, and other persons were injured. Those who are dead are said to have died of gunshots while shooting, as informed to Trooper Robert Broadwater of the Uniontown State Police barracks. He told it is not clear at this point in time if the sixth victim was also injured by gunshots.

A state police detective at the scene who had requested that he should not be named stated a man is speculated in the shooting. He stated it is not clear whether the suspect is still alive or not, but told he had got shot. The detective told it is not clear if the suspect shot himself.

The detective also verified that the suspect was covering himself with a body armor.

The shooting took place just before 3 a.m. along Route 711, also called Indian Creek Valley Road, in Salt Lake Township just outside Melcroft. The shooting scene was at Ed’s Car Wash, across the street from G&D Market and beside Ridgeline Heating and Cooling.

Shooting in Fayette County kills 5 and Injures 1

The site earlier today was disorganized as family members came to the scene. Trooper Broadwater told no one had been formally informed by police as there is no clear evidence of the victims. But news has developed through this small rural community in Fayette County near Seven Springs resort.

Trooper Broadwater told four people died at the site on Sunday and a fifth person died at the hospital. The sixth victim continues to be in the hospital. All of those who died at the scene, two died inside a transport and two were outside in a parking lot at the car wash.

Asked if the shooting, seemed to be linked to a drug deal gone wrong, Trooper Broadwater told, “There is no indication of drug activity at this point. But we have no motive, no reason.”

Police have pulled out three vehicles from the scene. One is a red pick-up truck, one is a sedan, one is a green pick-up truck. Two of the victims were found inside the green pick-up truck, according to Trooper Broadwater.