Samsung has unleashed two beasts today. Yes, you read it right, the Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ are officially out in the market today. A lots of leaks and rumors about these two mighty gadgets have already been doing rounds for a while now but today the major cellular technology giant has finally released two of its major gadgets today, next in the line is Note 8.

Samsung galaxy S8
Samsung galaxy S8

Starting preorders on March 30, 2017; Samsung’s latest flagship phone will be available for the users by April 21st 2017.

The last Samsung beast S7 was a huge success but lacked the secure interface, fast and lag-free processing that Apple iphone is famous for.

Like its predecessor, the S8 is beautifully constructed incorporating glass and metal. The screen size for S8 is 5.8 inches and for S8+ is 6.2 inches.

6.2 inches! Wow, not that is like the ideal size.

Best Samsung galaxy S8 2017
Best Samsung galaxy S8 2017

Samsung has always worked on the philosophy, first impression is the last one and they definitely know how to make that ever lasting impression.

So, when you pick up the latest S8 and S8+ in your hand, I swear these are the nicest phones I have ever held. S8 and S8+ are so glossy and beautiful with metallic finish yet so light in hand.

So let’s talk about these two mighty gadgets in detail now.

The Design ( Samsung galaxy S8 )

S8 and S8+ are nothing but just screen, yes you heard me right there is no more plastic since the technology giant Samsung stopped using it since Samsung galaxy s6 and now they have reduced the metal as well just leaving the perfectly smooth screen for the user to handle and glossy metallic finished back.

Best Samsung galaxy S8 2017 lunched
Best Samsung galaxy S8 2017 lunched

Samsung has been bragging about this display for a while now through countless leaks and rumors, what do they call it? “Infinite Display” is your answer folks.

Best Samsung galaxy S8 slim body
Best Samsung galaxy S8 slim body

But is it enough to stand out? Well we will decide about that in the final verdict.

Apparently Samsung has cut on the squared edges making them curvier but with S8 and S8+ Samsung has minimalised those curved edges too, giving the user an infinite screen to tap on to.

Samsung has ditched its platonic hardware button and has rather introduced software buttons since the screen is so large and leaves no space for the traditional hardware button.  Taking inspiration from Apple the Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ have also incorporated haptic feedback in these software buttons hence giving the user an experience of lifetime and not snatching away the feel of traditional hardware button.

But since Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ decided to ditch the traditional home button they also had to change the location of the finger print sensor, placing it right next to camera. Now that is not something I am very sure about.

The Hardware 

Samsung has continued with 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port, like its predecessors the power and home buttons are located on the sides but wait there is one new button introduced in Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ the Bixby button, located right under the volume buttons.

The Software 

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are programmed with the latest android OS; Android 7.0 Nougat.


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have two variants talking in terms of processor, The US variant which is packed with Snapdragon 835 Octa Core processor and the International variant packed with Samsung Exynos Octa Core processor.

Nothing beats the Iphone in terms of camera result and iconic resolution but can the S8 do that?

S8 and S8+ have a 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, rear with OIS and front with autofocus both having F1.7 aperture thus giving better pictures in low lights. The S8 and S8+ come with drastic and extravagant resolutions of 570ppi and 529ppi respectively.


Let’s talk about battery now; the S8 and S8+ are powered with 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh batteries respectively so you don’t really have to worry about carrying a power bank while you are outdoor having fun with your friends and I totally forgot it won’t catch fire as well.

The beasts do come with regular stuff like 4 GB ram 64 GB memory storage that can be expanded.

What is new?

Since you were missing out on the iris scanner that was introduced in the fire catching note 7 please feel free to be disappointed since Samsung has decided to ditch it and has rather introduced the face detection feature which takes about 20 seconds and is a bit of a bore and lag compared to Iphones finger print scanner but it doesn’t fail to detect your face, now that is an absolute plus.

DeX, A whole new desktop

You can now buy a ridiculously expensive dock and change your phone into a desktop anywhere anytime.

BIXBY, the new voice assistant

Samsung has finally introduced this feature so let’s hope it is not a fail or the users will curse the Bixby button a lot.


Final Verdict

Buy the phone at a whopping cost of $720 since it has a lot of exciting features to offer.