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Ooma the fastest growing Telecommunication Company | Product details.

Written by Samia Mughal
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Ooma’s worldwide recognized products and details.

Ooma is a company established by Andrew Frame; in 2004, before Ooma, he was working for Cisco Systems, Ooma’s first invention was a “VoIP in a box” machine. It was used in peer-to-peer VoIP equipment it enables the users to dial phone calls through the other Ooma users’ landline facilities. Ooma works through the system of a “hub” it links to the main phone routes on top of “scouts” which links to supplementary phones. It later finished the use of peer-to-peer technology in January 2008.

Ooma is an American and a publicly operating customer Telecommunications Company. It is establish in Palo Alto, California. Ooma deals with voice-over-IP (VOIP) calling by means of an Internet connection to support a variety of communications explanations for small business, home, and mobile consumers.  According to Silicon Valley Business Journal Ooma was termed as one of the fastest developing private companies in 2015. It has a variety of products under their name some of the best seller products are below with the features.

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone ServiceThe Ooma Telo is a wireless invention that is paired with both the Free and Premier Ooma service deals with the entire home phone experience minus the hefty monthly bill. Even though you will have to splurge $149 on the Telo device itself, the monthly reserves will pay for itself through the sequence of some months as the one monthly fee necessary consideration of the U.S. Government which is still below $5 a month.

The VOIP equipment is the high-end product with a clear call quality that is simply mistakable for an outmoded land-line and the innovative features created within the possible Premier service ($9.99/month) bring the Telo’s abilities to an entirely new level. Available all of the VOIP services that we have experienced, the Ooma has remained the utmost user approachable, offered the most innovative characteristics, and achieved the finest in terms of call quality. I would extremely recommend the Ooma Telo to any customers who are looking to trench their monthly phone bill and twitch saving money by substituting to a VOIP home phone service.

While signing up for Ooma’s Basic service, you’re spontaneously registered in a 60-day free trial of Ooma Premier. This facility is usually $10 per month and contains extra features like an additional phone line, free mobile minutes, and a host of progressive call-management gears. If you choose you aren’t concerned in the Premier Service after the 60 days are finished, just choose through your online account. Don’t forget to elect out will effect in your account being due for Premier Service afterward of the first two months.

Where there are plus points there are some negatives too such as, Ooma Basic plan, which only needs you to pay tariffs and subscriptions, is deficient a number of comparatively normal features like three-way calling and free calls to Canada. In case you want to get right to use these features, you must promote to their Premier plan, which charges $10 per month. This isn’t a bad contract and the value is still comparatively reasonable linked to the rest of the trade, but the most of VoIP suppliers comprise a lot of these promotions as part of even their most basic plans. If you can’t li t having some of these progressive calling features, then go for the Premier plan.

Second, y you can’t make calls from your computer is the drawback of Ooma. It doesn’t offer a softphone, so you must have a home or mobile phone if you want to make calls via their service. This isn’t may not be a problem for most individuals, who are probably spending in Ooma as a spare for their old-style home phone service.

Technical Details

Material: Metal, Plastic
Weight: 1.700 pounds
Warranty Description: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
UPC: 892943002445
TCIN: 17265430
Store Item Number (DPCI): 056-09-0215
Origin: Made in the USA and Imported
Model Compatibility: Ooma Telo 2
Dimensions: 3.000 inchesL x 8.250 inchesW x 10.500 inchesH
Color: Black
Features: Wireless Intercom Compatible, Adjustable Volume, Adjustable Ring Tone


Ooma HD2 Handset

Ooma HD2 HandsetOne of the best features we get out of this device is its ability to get a good signal a long means from the base component. While looking to the present phone, many would frequently scuffle to get a clear signal with the base component at the top floor of a three-story house and creating calls from the underground floor. The Ooma phone not only gets a strong signal over all three floors of any house but also enables to stride four or five houses down the block (in both ways) and still connect unmistakably through the phone. That is almost the width of 1000ft that a handset can reach.

Everyone is very mesmerized with this characteristic, and many other reasons for its great worth. Moreover, there are many nice features on the list of options that aren’t accessible with the regular phone. These contain voicemail, intercom, and services, do not disturb, call forwarding and sync config, phonebook, favorites, call logs and many other settings and services. Generally, I would rank the Ooma HD2 Handset 5 stars out of 5. The worth, easiness of use, and the benefits it delivers accolade the Ooma phone system. If you are really interested in using the Ooma Telo, I would highly endorse adding the Ooma HD2 Handset. You won’t be let down.

Call feature with the HD2 via the earphone and speakerphone are crystal clear, but the last exposed a fault with the bodily design. Normally when you use the speaker on a handset you’ll position it up i.e. both the microphone and speaker are unhindered, but the curved base of the phone creates this to be not likely. Despite the fact that the handset also includes a headphone jack, using it produced those on the other terminal to complain of a continuous buzzing voice. The similar headset used with other phones did not source the same issue.

Directions of the handset’s list of options and features are simple and easy, and you not ever sensation as though you may get lost. Though, the authentic number pad buttons used for calling have very slight give to them and feel rather low-cost to the touch.

Even though we were not capable of testing this for ourselves as we had none of the genuine Ooma handsets, seemingly registration the HD2 handsets with your Telo will render them unusable. Sighted as those also may charge $60 when launched, you will consider it how seriously you want to the advancement of the latest handset.

Technical Details

Material:Plastic, Metal
Features: Wireless Intercom Compatible, Adjustable Volume, Adjustable Ring Tone
Includes: Phone Holder
Dimensions: 8.500 inchesL x 5.400 inchesW x 3.500 inches
1.100 pounds
Warranty Description: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Model Compatibility: Ooma Telo 2
TCIN: 17265429
Store Item Number (DPCI): 056-09-0216
Origin: Made in the USA and Imported

Ooma Wireless Plus Bluetooth Adapter

Ooma Wireless Plus Bluetooth AdapterThe Ooma Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter with USB link allows being capable of making this modification. The Ooma Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter allows your Ooma Telo to connect to the Internet without the wire using your Wi-Fi network. The inbuilt Bluetooth role also links your mobile phone to your Telo to accept incoming calls over your home telephones, giving you an extra level of accessibility. You can connect to the Internet while using Wi-Fi Pairs up to 7 Bluetooth Devices to Telo. According to the Quick Start Guide that is contained within with the unit describes, it is tremendously easy to setup. The directions come with three easy stages. These stages take about 3-5 minutes to finish and so it’s exciting to have wireless freedom with Ooma Telo.

Here are the steps to be follow:

Connect the wireless connector in the back of your Ooma base unit.

Attach your home computer to your Ooma device via network cable use the home docks on the Ooma device.

Configure wireless settings by going to you can mention a command prompt on your computer and beep “”, which will assess your local connection via the network cable.

Technical Details

Material: Plastic, Metal
Shipping Weight:3.2 ounces

Item Weight:
3.2 ounces
Product Dimensions:6.8 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches
Origin: Made in the USA and Imported
Item model number:Ooma Wireless Plus Bluetooth Adapter


Ooma Office Business Phone System VoIP Phone and Device

Ooma Office Business PhoneHowever it doesn’t contain every feature presented by other suppliers, Ooma Office does have many of the characteristics small offices would find most treasured. One of these is the computer-generated receiver, which answers inbound calls and makes it simple for callers to get through the workers they need to talk with. The computer-generated receiver uses text-to-speech technology, so you merely type in what you want it to say, and it robotically changes that into a recording for your callers. You also have the choice to record your own salutation and upload it to the Ooma Office system.

Furthermore, to guiding callers to exact employees, the computer-generated receiver can deliver info on your business, for example, the hours it’s open or the instructions to get there. The device can also play one set of salutations when a business is open and the other when it’s shut. For companies with workers who don’t constantly work in the office, the device can allocate computer-generated extensions. With this characteristic, anytime somebody dials those workers’ extensions, the call is accelerated to their home or mobile devices.

All workers have access to the Ooma mobile app, which is obtainable on iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can dial and accept phone calls from wherever as if you were in the office. An additional feature we like is the ring set option. This permits businesses to group staffs by departments. So, for instance, if you have many employees who work on a sales team or in customer support, you can have those calls fixed to that group of employees. You can have calls shifted to employees in a specific order or all together.

Basically, Ooma Office has too many qualities. In any case, people only really want voicemail and a speakerphone. We know, you infrequently use phone features like “find me”diverting, conference bridges, or digital faxing.

Ooma Office’s computer-generated receiver who responses your incoming calls says “Thanks for calling” kind of thing and each individual knows that computer-generated receivers put off the possible clients. Actually, the computer-generated receiver offers callers with the selection to dial an extension or press 0 for the worker. And though the voice echoes a bit like a robot, if you are used to these greetings much persons don’t think two times.

By means of all of these qualities you may, in fact, stop missing calls and involve more customers. That’s not good at all.

Other accessible features contain caller ID, call logs, the capacity to set up conference calls for as many as 10 consumers, and the choice to play music or company texts though callers are on hold. Companies using IP phones have contact to some other features. Three ways conference calling, a do-not-disturb feature and the capability to transfer calls, set calls on hold and dial by extension.

Technical Details

Material: Metal, Plastic

Wireless Intercom Compatible, automatic call receiver, call forwarding.
Weight:2.2 pounds.
Warranty Description: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Color: Black
Model Compatibility: Ooma Telo 2
Store Item Number (DPCI): 056-09-0215
Origin: Made in the USA and Imported

Ooma Home Security Starter Kit

ooma teloYou might imagine of a smart home system, Ooma’s sensors will alert you if they notice something out of the normal. The sensors won’t only inform you, though. Ooma’s motion detector, water detector, or door and window sensor can each one call 911 automatically themselves. Ooma created a name for itself with the Telo device. It is a box that connects to your router and delivers you with a home phone service. Telo paths call through the internet and you’ll require the $90 device to make use any of Ooma’s new threesome of smart home devices.

It was announce at CES in Las Vegas, Ooma’s three sensors. The kit is a $35 motion detector, a $30 leak sensor, and a $25 door and window sensor. It communicates with the Telo by means of “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication”. DECT is the similar technology use by regular cordless telephones. You can configure the sensors to Home or Away mode and if they notice somewhat inappropriate, they’ll aware you by phone, push notifications, email or text messages subject to your likings however the sensors can also call 911 straight from your Telo. It’ll attach with the sender nearby to your home, and can send over the address too.

The Ooma Telo is in fact a Linux computer that fixes to your network, Ooma product executive Thad White says. “But it’s also a safe device that we can update with new features and facilities. People want to safe their homes, avoid intrusions, and stay safe. But clients told us that professionally monitored systems from ADT and the like are too costly. We looked at our stage and realized we could build an inexpensive home monitoring service that conveys the same level of security or better.”

Ooma’s telephone service is essentially free for calls through the U.S. just after you purchase the hardware; the Telo base station charges $100. Nevertheless you’ll be billed for tariffs and a government-imposed 911 right to use fee on a regular basis. You’ll also need a receiver to make and accept calls, but any corded or cordless receiver will serve the purpose.

Technical Details

Material:Plastic, Metal
feature:security alert and notifier
Warranty Description:
1 Year Limited Warranty
Item dimensions:5.9 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches
Item Weight:2.15 pounds
Origin: Made in the USA and Imported
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