OnePlus 5T: Face Unlock feature and OxygenOS Open Beta 3 installation process

As promised, OnePlus has commenced driving out an OxygenOS open beta statement that brings us one of the most coveted highlights of the latest flagship OnePlus 5T  Face Unlock.

All Owners of the original OnePlus 5 are able now to unlock their phones with the help of the facial recognition system of the new OxygenOS Open Beta 3 which is based on Android Oreo. As found by XDA, the Face Unlock feature will unlock your phone when you tap the device’s power button and point the camera at your own face.

Face Unlock feature of the new OnePlus 5T is comparable to Apple iPhone X’s FaceID which allows us to unlock our phone just by gazing at it. The OnePlus company categorically says that this face recognition feature should not be used as the most preferred mode of authentication. Therefore, it not at all has composed Face Unlock with the payment services method such as Android Pay.

OnePlus 5T: Face Unlock feature and OxygenOS Open Beta 3 installation process

“We have not tested the instructions on all other alternative ROMs, but we have provided basic steps for flashing with TWRP. Please contact our customer support if you have any doubts. We cannot guarantee results on rooted devices,” stated the brand on its own website.


The newest feature is that it is a part of OxygenOS Open Beta 3 and the brand has given us a set of solutions on how to install the update. These provided steps are for those who already are on OxygenOS and using the original OnePlus 5 Oxygen Recovery.



  • OxygenOS Open Beta 3 installation process-


  1. Firstly you have got to download the software build from this given link- (

  2. Then plug in your phone into the system using the USB cable and copy the downloaded .zip file to your phone’s storage. After pasting the file, reboot your phone in recovery mode (after switching off the phone, hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time).

  3. Click, select and choose the “Install from internal storage/Install from local” option, find your .zip file and click on the option for “Install”, to proceed.

  4. Keep a track that this one is a community ROM for OnePlus users. If you don’t really wish to install the update by yourself, you can wait until an OTA update for CyanogenOS, the official ROM.


“As promised, owners of the original OnePlus 5 can now unlock their phones via facial recognition with the new OxygenOS Open Beta 3 based on Android Oreo,” The Verge reported on Tuesday updating us with the aforementioned.


Apart from the facial recognition feature added to OnePlus phones, the new beta release also comes up with an updated security patch, general bug fixes, and fixes for 5G Wi-Fi connection problems.