Elizabeth Thomas the 15 year old Tennessee student finally found!

Tad Cummins the Tennessee teacher arrested for kidnapping Elizabeth Thomas.

The prime suspect of Elizabeth Thomas kidnapping case was arrested in California today. The duo was last spotted together at Walmart in Oklahoma City earlier last month. Tad Cummins was a teacher at Tennessee and Thomas was his student. The duo were caught kissing in the classroom and disappeared afterwards. Before their disappearance they showcased PDA on their Instagram accounts.

Elizabeth Thomas is a 15 year old blond Tennessee girl. Tad Cummins on the other hand is a married man. He is a 50 year old father and a grandfather. His spouse Jill has filed for divorce from him.

Thomas was successfully recovered and Cummins for now is behind bars. Thomas looked fine physically. It is not her physical health officials are worried about it is her mental and emotional health. The duos respective Instagram accounts were filled with posts about love and soulmates.

It can not be stated as of now whether it was a clear cut case of kidnapping. There is a possibility that Thomas went willingly. The increasing trend of students idealizing their teachers and developing a romantic relationship is devastating.

Elizabeth Thomas was finally found.
15 year old Tennessee teen Elizabeth Thomas rescued safely.
Scientifically speaking there is always a psychological reason behind such crippled relationships. An abusive past, wrecked home or insecurity could lead young minds to fall in love with fatherly figures. But is it right on the teacher’s part to reciprocate? Teachers have a duty towards their students and the nation.

There should be constant monitoring in schools. Parents should actively participate and keep a keen eye on their children.

We are not against love in fact the world needs it. But a forceful relationship with a minor is a heinous crime. It is punishable by law. The innocent minds are fragile so such incident can lead to permanent trauma.

Elizabeth Thomas is safe for now but it is sad to witness events as such.

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