An unbiased review of “Leesa Mattress”

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    A detailed review of Leesa mattresses

Leesa mattresses are founded in 2014, its head office sited in Virginia Beach. In 2015, Leesa initiated manufacturing in the UK as part of its European extension campaigns. 2016 was the year when Leesa Sleep was called as the certified mattress of the Washington Redskins. It is also in partnership with athletes Michael Phelps.

The Leesa mattress is the latest trend in the mattress business. Leesa is in competition against Casper and others such as Loom and Leaf and Tempur-Pedic is quite productively and is a very famous mattress.

         Here is my review on the mattress:

I will discuss here some really important features of Leesa with my readers, if you are planning to purchase it, give a read to my observations, it may help you in taking your decision.

Construction of the Mattress

Leesa’s total length is 10 inches. It is a combination of memory and Avena foam, which provides heat retention and firmness. I myself like the feel of memory foam rather than other mattresses, but this depends on the users’ choice. Some may like the feel of latex foam and other may not like it.

Foam Layers:

The Leesa mattress consists of 3-layers. The top, middle, and bottom layer.

-Top layer

The top layer is about 2 inches of Avena foam. Avena is an original foam that works like latex foam which provides bounce, great cooling, comfort, etc., but is more long-lasting. This layer is aimed to deliver excessive comfort and cooling.

-Middle layer

This is too is 2 inches layer of memory foam. It delivers support, deep compression support and pressure relief.

-Bottom layer

This layer consists of 6 inches it is very high thickness support foam. It performs as a base for the mattress. It’s also extremely breathability same layers as the others, so it will not retain much heat.

-Total Thickness

The Leesa mattress total 10 inches of thickness. This is about one and a half inches thinner than the other regular mattress. But still, it’s parallel to the main rivals. A thinner than regular mattress is nearer to the ground and so may be slightly more problematic to get on and off for people normal or more height.

Heat Retention of Leesa

The Leesa is playing really well of sleeping cool from the thin cover and use of the Avena foam. It is designed to deliver air flow and breathing qualities. I did not feel any uneasiness or gumminess that is a lot the case with the memory foam mattresses, but Leesa is doing really did a reasonable job.

According to my opinion, I will rate Leesa as an average of not sleeping hot claims. It’s not essentially better than other memory foam mattresses in this respect, but not bad because of the use of Avena latex inside.

People who are heavier tend to have more possibility of sleeping hot. This looks like to be due to the point that heavy people go under beyond into the mattress, where the airflow is less. Or it may be due to the point that a heavy people spend more energy when moving related to a lighter people and this creates more heat in the body.

Some memory foam mattresses use a moistness wicking cover fabric such as a Coolmax® or Outlast®. The fabric is aimed to let moist swiftly vaporize allowing the person to sleep cooler. Holder experience data recommends that such a fabric is often at least to some extent effective at reducing heat problems.

Cover of Leesa

The thing I really appreciate about this mattress is the considerate design.  The cover fabric seems and feels great; that is weaved fabric shaped in such a way that it has no joints.  This is one of the finest eyeing mattresses I’ve ever reviewed.  Obviously you’ll throw a covering sheet on it directly after opening it, so the appearance doesn’t really matter, but in my opinion, good design demonstrates that the designer was attentive about the product manufacturing from start to the end.

Firmness, Comfort, & Feel of Leesa

The Leesa is designed to attract a wide range of customers, worldwide ease kind of memory foam mattress. I feel that the Leesa is an average lax mattress; it comes in about a 5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, if 10 is the total firmness. As every time, firmness mostly depends on weight. So if your weight is less you will feel it more firm than the one with more weight. For me, Leesa did not provide much support to me when I was sleeping, as my heavy weight caused me to wade through the upper layers quite slightly.

As a worldwide comfort model, the Leesa is much on the average to softer side for me. The Avena foam delivers a little of bounce without producing sinkage down into the memory foam as predictable. Whereas, there was not a big degree of “detail” to our bodies, which we mostly like with memory foam. The smoothness of the fabric cover joint with the first smooth comeback from the memory foam coatings makes a relaxed night’s sleep.

Support of Leesa

In regards to general ease and support, it’s really tough to beat the Leesa. To say it frankly for me, it just felt really worthy. Paralleled to other manufacturing works of direct mattresses, Leesa lies on the best in terms of foam wideness.

Fixing more layers and more wideness doesn’t all the time interpret to improved support and comfort, but in Leesa’s case, it makes a generous difference. Leesa has 2” of Avena foam as the upper layer, 2” of memory foam in the mid, and 6” of basic foam. This is a total of 10” thickness.

Sinkage Test 

The Leesa is generally sunk is average. Moreover, the memory and Avena foams do well for minimizing motion transfer, which makes it best for those who share beds. Here is a series of tests that Leesa has to go through in order to know about its sinkage.

-Lying on back

In a usual lying posture as my weight was equally dispersed, I observed 2 inches of sinkage and depth.

-Lying on side

In a usual lying posture on my side, I observed 2.25 inches of sinkage and depth.

-Sitting on the edge (normal)

In a normal sitting posture on the edge of the mattress, where I was sitting a little beyond back on the mattress, I observed 3 inches of sinkage.

-Sitting on the edge (forcefully)

In a much forcefully sitting posture on the edge of the mattress, where I was sitting right on the edge of the mattress, I observed 4 inches of sinkage.

-Standing in the middle

Though standing in the mid of the mattress with all of my weight intensives on a single point, I observed 3.5″ of sinkage.

Generally, the Leesa did an appealingly good job for all of my tests. All mattresses foam inclines to tussle with edge support, so these effects were to be predicted. The giant thing I was looking for is the full failure. The Leesa exposed some sinkage in all positions, but it did not fall or fail physical reliability. This is an imperative issue for both sleepings close to the edge, sitting on the edge, and other activities.

Motion Transfer

There was a quite pretty quantity of motion transfer, every time when I adjusted posture throughout the night, which again is to be estimated from the weight difference. This is frequently a tradeoff for us with a less firm mattress, as the firm ones are well at motion transfer but not as relaxing.

Longevity of Leesa mattress

The Leesa mattress seems to have slightly worse longevity than its main rivals. Reports of drooping, loss of support, and the growth of body impressions are not rare. This may be because of its top layer, a diverse material, and design than that used by main rivals. The Leesa, yet, possible executes no worse than the regular mattress on this problem.

Certification of Leesa

Leesa has all the customary memory foam certifications, precisely the CertiPUR-US, which apparently means the foam is ready without ozone drains, devoid of PDBE blaze retardants, without mercury, lead, other heavy metals, without formaldehyde, and less than 0.5 VOC i.e. volatile organic compound, elements per million which is considered low for indoor air quality.

Leesa is Environment-friendly

Many say that memory foam is not usually reflected an environment-friendly material.  Leesa has met the industry level for a memory foam mattress, but if having a natural or biological mattress is the main concern, and then you may require looking at spring mattresses or latex.

Leesa has all the standard memory foam authorizations, precisely the CertiPUR-US, which means the foam is created devoid of ozone reduces, without PDBE flame retardants, short of mercury/lead/other heavy metals, without formaldehyde, and fewer than 0.5 VOC -volatile organic compound elements per million is reflected low for interior air quality.

It’s usually said that memory foam is not in general well thought-out an environment-friendly material.  Leesa mattress has come across the trade standard for a memory foam mattress, but if your having a natural/organic mattress is the main concern, then you may want to see at latex or spring mattresses.

Upon arrival

The Leesa mattress comes in a compacted box, and is honestly light matched to other mattresses we have received, however you will still much probably require a companion to assist you in moving the box, particularly when going up stairways.  For us the off-gassing odor that always comes with a new memory foam mattress was away within a few hours, but we don’t have the most sensitive nose, so let us know in comments if you have a different experience. You can check out the Leesa unboxing Videos on YouTube if you are buying for particular set-up tips and added views of the mattress.

Return policy 

The return policy for Leesa is really good; however, they sell solely online. They really put some faith in their mattress as they offer a 100-night no-risk trial.  This apparently means that after buying the mattress, you can return back within 100 days for a full repayment.  They will come to have the mattress picked up at your home and make a contribution, so you don’t need to pay shipping costs either way.  Therefore if you like the Leesa and think it might be the best mattress for you, I wouldn’t let terror of not using it out before buying stop you from ordering it.

Warranty policy 

As the house is new, I don’t have many reports on how heavy-duty the mattresses will be over the time. Though, the foams are high class, advising that the mattress should delay sensibly well over time.  In the occasion that the mattress doesn’t hold up well, Leesa deals a 10-year warranty to overcome any major problems in performance.

Mattress donation program 

Leesa has a donation program that we’ve seen in other trades, but it’s the first time in the history of the mattress industry.  Leesa has dedicated to donating 1 mattress for every 10 traded to homeless accommodations to give back to local societies.  I have faith in that return mattress given to the same source as well.

Coupon for Leesa mattress

If you are buying Leesa make sure you get the discount. Yes, Leesa has a coupon for the mattress purchase, access the official website and enter code “WINTER100” to get $75 OFF+$25 gift card. You can only avail this coupon on the official website, however, Leesa is also available on another Ecommerce website as well, and they are the same price as of the coupon. So either way, it would be great. But I really recommend you to get it from the official website but not from other E-commerce site.

               Leesa mattress is best for you if you:

– like a medium firmness mattress, it is rated around something in the 6 out of 10 range on the firmness scale. Where 10 is the total firm

– like a mattress with a balanced feel

-want a mattress with a minor amount of sinkage and good body posture.

– want a mattress that uses a very high-class fabric and material, but is still very reasonable according to its pricing.

– are to buy from a company that vigorously and intensely helps those in need.

– want a money back warranty for the purchase

-are looking for well-designed cover and mattress.

– want a discount on the mattress.

-are looking for the environment-friendly mattress.


               Leesa is not for you if:

-You are a spring mattress person, Leesa has a strong company brand, so I get a lot of text that we love spring mattresses but we are considering Leesa.  If you’re easy to a change, then consider it, but if you intensely favor an innerspring mattress, Leesa won’t be for you.

-You’re very heavy weighted; Leesa has one model right now, so if you’re very heavily weighted, it’s likely the 10” of foam won’t deliver you enough support.

-You like a luxurious feel, some people puzzle comfort and plush.  Plush is smoothness, moreover due to a lax comfort coat or pillow top, though comfort just labels the overall feeling of the bed.  Leesa is comfortable, but not luxurious.

-You want a “luxury” mattress, nowadays luxury in a mattress means characteristics like diamond gel and pillow tops to spare. Mostly at the price, it doesn’t have any of that zinger thick luxury characteristic that increases the prices of other luxury mattresses.

My Verdict

Leesa is a bed mattress that I observed to be on the high quality of the comfort range. It has one of the best stabilities of comfort and support, and it is really very relaxed in all of the three main sleeping positions. However, under $1000, it’s one of the mattresses I would highly suggest to the normal weighted average sleeper.

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