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All you need to know about a Hand Truck

A hand truck is an L- shaped cart with handles on the upper side and wheels at the lower base. It has a small sill to carry things on it, however; the hand truck is straight to the floor when straight. It is also called stack truck, hand dolly, two wheelers, sack barrow, roller, trundle, box cart, trolley truck, sack barrow, sack truck, or bag barrow. The things which need to be lifted are tilted towards the sill, carried on it the things are tilted backward rest on the sill for carriage. This makes heavy things easier to transport or exchange.

History of Hand Truck

These hand trucks were originated for transporting large bags of spices on harbors by small boys. They were as young as 11 years and were not able to lift the large bags. It is now used for younger boys as well as grown up to help to carry things and are also used in many other industries Hand truck is basically originated in 18th century.

Stair climbers’ wheel is also a kind of hand truck as the name says it’s used for carrying things on stairs. It’s a bit difficult to use when dragging on the ground. Four of the wheel is in direct contact with the ground.

So the question arises that what’s the basic difference between Dolly, hand truck, and folding truck??

Hand Truck

A hand truck is called by numbers of other names for example trolley, a stack truck, two-wheeler, a trundle, a trolley truck, a box cart, a sack truck or a sack barrow etc.

Hand trucks were designed in the 1700s. Teenagers naturally did not have the power to lift heavy objects, so somebody came up with the impression of making an ‘L’ made a platform with two tires at the bottom. The lower sill portion of the truck could be slipped under a sack, then the whole truck slanted back in order to transfer the sack from place to place, with the wheels bearing some of the weight and making the whole task stress-free.

Hand trucks are helpful to any business where carriage of objects is a requisite. Although the objects you transport is comparatively small and can effortlessly be raised and transported by hand, you’ll be able to weight multiple objects onto the hand truck and transport them all at the once, with the proviso that your items are appropriate for being loaded without loss.

Since your workers will be able to transport objects with simplicity, or numerous objects at once, then your business will turn into more prolific, and as a result more lucrative when using hand trucks.


The word ‘dolly’ can state to a lot of shipping objects. Essentially, a dolly is a platform on tires. Typically, the platform trucks has two axes and four tires all together, one on each junction.

Dollies have been used for years for moving needs together big and small. If you’ve observed an old picture that presented a train track, then you’ve perhaps seen a dolly being used with one or two people pushing a rocker in order to push themselves. As you can see, dollies come in all forms and dimensions.

If you run a distribution business or any form of trade where you need to move heavy objects. It’s then it’s doubtful you’re going to be using dollies large enough to go on rail tracks, but a dolly is still a valuable asset.

The chief benefit of a hand dolly is that they make fixed things moveable. If you have a weighty thing that you need to transport, then all you want to do is lift the thing onto your dolly, and rapidly it is movable. This is great if you need to transport large and weighty things. If you run a moving business, then a hand dolly will make your workers’ jobs an entire lot stress-free. The difficulty of a hand dolly is that there is no machinery to truly lift the thing onto the dolly. The thing will have to be elevated physically, or using some other device.

Factors to consider while buying a Hand Truck

Several factors need to be considered before buying the hand truck.

Material of Hand Truck

Hand trucks used for commercial use such as beverages and food deliveries are sharp and light. They are made up of many different types of materials that include aluminum, steel tubes, aluminum extursion and high quality plastic. Mostly hand trucks are made of extruded aluminum channel side rails and cast aluminum or magnesium parts. Different kinds of hand trucks that may be well-thought-out of wheels, handle, stair climber, type and size of wheels.

Ergonomics of Hand Truck

Ergonomic styles take care of security particularly when handling very heavy mass and repeatedly. It is common on hand trucks used at stores and busy big size trades. It reduces the risk of damaging muscles, damage, and suffering exhaustion.

Shape of Hand Truck

The other matters which are visible are the stacking sill shape and the back rest shape, e.g. rod molded things should be carried on curve backrests it’s the perfect position which the hand truck will operate. On rough or uneven ground big wheelie hand trucks are best. Whereas compact or puncture-proof foam filled wheels may be used where holes could deflate air-filled wheels.

Surface for Hand Truck

Surface is a vital feature to consider. Most hand trucks come with rubber tires that need no air. Their benefit is that they are perfect for all kinds of surface, whether rough or even. Though, all hand trucks do not achieve well on all kind of surfaces. So the wheel material and feature must be measured too.

Handles of Hand Truck

The measurement of handle is one often ignored feature. Contracting handles do not only match people with changed heights but also diverse tasks and load. Heavy load for example it is made light with an extended handle than that of light weight.


Kinds of Hand trucks

There are four major types of hand trucks:

Convertible hand trucks

A hand truck is basically a standing two wheeled pushcart. The transformable are offered with extra two wheels for stress-free conversion to a 4-wheeled hand truck or supporting hand truck which can be contrived with only single hand. Hand trucks are manufactured to move minor weight of up to 600 pounds paralleled to the dollies like packed containers. Hand trucks can be convertible, two-wheeled upright or other specialty and kinds.

The convertible style has the capability to move weight as a two-wheeler or when stretched out to a 4-wheeled platform truck. Granaries and stocks are fond of platform  trucks since their weight sill delivers plenty of space for huge objects. Particular hand trucks have 360 degree revolving wheels that are significant for movability.

Heavy Duty or Normal Hand truck

Hand trucks are designed to be heavy duty or normal. The typical hand truck is perfect for the small trade or household as it is fit for a weight capacity of 600 pounds or less. They are usually made up of aluminum stuff which is light in load but strong. Aluminum offers stress-free movability compared with to steel.

Heavy duty hand trucks are typically built with steel or a combination of steel and aluminum for example steel frames and aluminum platform. They are used commonly for heavy marketable functions since they are intended for more than 600 lbs weight ability. Steel is the strongest and most resilient material.

 Portable Hand trucks

For tourists, a portable hand truck offers a good opportunity for the reason that it can be folded to fit in car back space, plane’s above the head section, wardrobes, or be hang down from a knob in the garage. The foodstuff and drink distributors like this truck since they are continuously moving from place to place and need it throughout supply.

Electric hand Trucks

Electric hand trucks are completely automatic forms of manual hand trucks. They usually are larger in dimension, letting room for the user to position and drive the hand truck from picking to dropping.

Folding Hand Truck

A folding hand truck is a comparatively new invention. As the name put forward, it’s the same as any typical hand truck, but is built in such a way that both the end part of the frame and the tires can be bent away when the hand truck is not in usage. Naturally, the entire assembly bends entirely flat, and then bends back out swiftly when the truck is in use.

Such trucks are naturally lightweight for the reason that they are built to be suitable to use, and relax to carry devoiding the need of unfolding them when they are just being moved, and not being used to carriage objects.

If you are a business that supplies a lot of small objects, then a portable hand truck may be a perfect choice. If you offer your distribution drivers with a portable hand truck, then they can make the choice whether a particular thing they are required to supply is too weighty or large to the carriage by hand. As the hand truck bends up, it can be carried within their van or truck without taking much space. Note that different types of folding hand-trucks, but most of them recommend that you only place a weight of up to 100 pounds.


Pros of Hand Truck: 

  1. Due to the relatively lesser charge, hand trucks are generally used all the way through the logistics industry.
  2. Hand trucks are relatively low look after and have no electrical machinery. A modest design means that maintenance is often faster than they are with electric hand trucks. However, parts normally are readily nearby.
  3. Hand trucks are well-known to be consistent and heavy-duty. Tough, durable designs make it easy to retain over the long term. These hand trucks are usually able to survive the firmness of a material handling machine.
  4. Hand trucks are able to carriage very heavy masses easily so that pallets are not injured in transit.
  5. Hand trucks have the advantage of a simple design that allows them to fit many types of trucks. They are very multi purpose, letting them to be used in processes of any scale.  They can also be bought with changing fork sizes to well serve in requests that require those measurements.
  6. Since they are automatic and include power support elating, electric trucks are less likely to cause a strain-related injury to the user.
  7. Electric trucks can fall under the group of light, average, or heavy duty.  Conditional on your claim there is an electric truck that will meet your business’s requirements.
  8. A broad power system allows electric trucks to boost, lower and move everywhere in a store.
  9. In a full of activity store setting, electric trucks can protect a lot of working times, permit the worker to move bigger spaces and with fewer disruptions.

Cons of Hand Truck:

  1. Hand trucks can put a stress on the user and possibly cause damages.
  2. By nature, hand trucks can be weightier to function.
  3. Because of the limited amount of load a worker can move on his own. Hand trucks are not useful if Laden anywhere near its weight volume
  4. The price of an electric pallet truck inclines to be advanced than that of a manual form. Although the price can be earned over time as electric trucks can upsurge the overall output of a store.
  5. Electric hand trucks can run into more look after problems. With electrical mechanisms, things will ultimately need to be fixed. And since electric pallets are more difficult, repair needs can be more involved, luxurious and time-consuming.
  6. As electric trucks are made to transport taller and weightier stacks of pallets, fetching the machine to a thorough stop on short notice can be a dare.
  7. As with any motorized gear in a material management facility, an electric truck will entail extra training for use.


Top hand trucks of 2017

If you are searching for the durable one and are not certain of which one you must get, here are the topmost quality 10 best you can think for.

1. Clipper Telescoping 3-Stage Hand Truc

Technical details

Item Weight22.9 pounds
Package Dimensions10 x 8 x 6 inches

Product Description

 The Clipper Telescoping 3-Stage Hand Truck Utility Cart has a durable structure with strengthened bars for additional provision. These hand trucks bend even for less storing and have four distinct tires for fast drive, and the ergonomic holder delivers a durable room for you to hold the trucks through use.

This moving cart includes a vertical design with further anterior provisions to retain big masses from sliding off all through bouncy drives. While the cart can slant hind at a position, it is quiet measured a standing design. Its dimensions and mass creates this cart perfect for mobile, and since it bends flat, you can transport it with you on aircraft when you travel. This makes your hands open however getting out your lodging ticket or visa. These hand trucks similarly only weigh 20 pounds, so slighter entities won’t have copious worry receiving the cart to transfer everywhere.


  1. Spiral locks on back tires brakes.
  2. 400-pound ability, but weigh only 20 pounds.
  3. Back tires fold up even to the cart for easy storing.
  4. Wide tires base gives better firmness.
  5. No Gears mandatory installing or removing back tires assembly.


The Clipper cart is built from steel with a connected chrome steel base that positions upward well flush alongside weighty masses. The rear casters deliver constancy when you slant hefty masses back for moving. This too benefits increase provision to your back and arms and stops the weight from slanting back too. The tires have locks, so if you are on a slope or the weight is very hefty, you can avoid the cart from slipping backward. Entirely four tires have steel centers that avert them from flexible or smashing below the mass of your possessions. The middle hubs have ball bearings that create the tires go easily smooth under burden.


This versatile hand truck has a 400-pound mass volume, so you can use it in manufacturing and delivery claims. It is likewise long-lasting enough that you can keep it for everyday moving. The holders are padded, so if you do have to drive about the full bulk weight, you won’t injure your hands in the procedure. The grips can likewise take the mass weight off your arms and shoulders to benefit stop stress and damage.


The Clipper Telescoping 3-Stage Hand Truck is particularly aimed to aid explorers’ conveyance their luggage rear and forward to airline stations. However, hand trucks come with four heavy-duty wheels that resist weighty masses, and even if you use these carts in a workplace or storeroom location, they can even then deliver help with hard-hitting works.


2. American Cart & Equipment Multi-Mover XT 

Technical Details:

Shipping Weight54 Kg
BrandAmerican Cart & equipment
Manufacturer Part NumberMMXT


Product Description

The American Cart & Equipment Multi-Mover XT is aimed to deliver firmness when transferring heavy masses. This hand truck has big tires, a great weight capability, and sustenance for gigantic objects.

The Multi-Mover XT is a specifically designed hand truck that is aimed for gigantic and heftier masses that an average hand truck may not be capable to hold. This American Cart is not actually a vertical design since it can slope reverse on the little wheels. It moreover isn’t a platform sort hand cart for the trucks stay in an oblique situation pending till you bend up the hind tires and transfer the trucks in a vertical spot.


  1. The hand truck is Made in the USA and the home owners, industries, manufacturers, landscapers, parks sections, movers, plant market, growers, and farmers are using it.
  2. Measurements are 63 Inch high, 31 Inch wide and 21 Inch long; and weigh 117 pounds.
  3. All tires are 10-inch no-flat wheels for improved stability.
  4. Bend out foot plate that’s 27 Inch wide and 31 Inch long chains large masses, though four wheels offer the stability and firmness of a carriage.
  5. Multi-Mover XT with weight volume of 1,000 pounds hauls large, vertical objects that are too large for a hand truck.


This durable hand truck is built from heavy-duty steel that won’t give below burden. The steel bends out footplate provisions bulky masses, although the big 10-inch turf tires must mobile over closely any ground without puncturing them in the center of exchanging stock. The hand trucks have a lever beneath that makes it probable to pull the truck frontward, or use the ergonomic handle that goes through the top to impulse the weight. The big holder is beneficial for weightier masses. These trucks do not include a tie-down band, so you will have to buy bands if you want to protect containers or if you want the adding of this protection aspect. Similarly, the hind of this hand truck aids guard alongside containers and objects falling off the cart throughout transference.


American Cart and Equipment is able of transferring masses up to 1,000 pounds, which is fine overhead the weight ability of a classic hand truck. The structure is one compact portion, which confirms the durability of these hand trucks, particularly if every day is done on them. The hind wheels moreover take the weight off of your back when you are moving large objects or large masses.


American Cart & Equipment Multi-Mover XT is specially planned to assist you in the transference of greater piles in your industry or at household. The gigantic plan makes this hand truck perfect for transferring furniture or larger objects as well as marquees and inflatables. It has a big holder for good holding power, and the hand truck is built of long-lasting metal that protects besides folding and depreciate even with everyday usage. The tires won’t go plane where you want to go, and the hind tires and foot crib can bend up when you do not require it.

3. Magliner Gemini Jr GM-16UAE

Technical details

Brand NameMagliner
Item Weight45.1  pounds
Model NumberGMK16UA4


Product Description

The Gemini Jr. convertible hand truck is a sturdy, hard-wearing and multipurpose choice to think through when spending for a way to carriage your hefty objects. This heavy duty hand truck is too frivolous therefore you can make more journeys with lesser exhaustion. It has a segmental design that doesn’t comprise repairs that can breakdown after some period.

A versatile instrument that upsurges productivity and creates transferring jobs stress-free is a good asset. Dependent on what type of weight you want to transport, this 2-in-1 moving cart deviates from two to four tires in minutes to accommodate numerous objects for carriage. Rather you are holding containers, gears or materials, the Gemini Jr. can transform according to your desires.


  1. High volumes decrease amount of tours per day, stimulating efficiency
  2. Elective fittings obtainable to meet all distribution requirements
  3. This 2-in-1 truck changes from 2 to 4 tires instantly
  4. Integrated design means no joints to disrupt, all portions are usable for extended item life
  5. Robust, frivolous building decreases user exhaustion.


The Gemini Jr. is designed for power and durability, this hand trucks comprises aluminum, steel and magnesium for best strength for weighty masses; however it’s frivolous to decrease exhaustion. Its integrated design lets you to substitute any portion, which outcomes in an extended merchandise existence. There are no joints; this not only creates the hand truck sturdier, however it also aids the hand cart last life as there are no joints to disrupt.

A hand truck is just as decent as its tires. This exchangeable hand trucks arises with 5-inch polyurethane casters and 10-inch interconnected microcellular foam tires. These first-class tires aid and deliver a suave trip for your load and aid you direct over diverse ground. These tires were designed to safeguard harmless distribution of your things and are prepared for long life.


If you are searching for the top hand truck to encounter your requirements, verify that you catch one that has the mass and volume to hold whatever you may want to carriage. The Gemini Jr. is 51 inches tall as a hand truck and 40 inches as a carriage plate truck. The general length is 47.5 inches when organized as a stage. The mass size is 500 pounds as a hand truck and 1000 pounds as a carriage plate.

The item has numerous choices that could come in fairly convenient, as well as stair climber equipment, protected casters and bendable levels. There are several picks to apt a range of distribution requirements. You can too order spare parts from the Magliner official sites.


The Gemini Jr. Hand truck is a hard worker that is proficient of treating hefty masses and aimed to stay extended intervals. It’s a worthy hand truck to check out if you need to spend in a good productivity key, however averting exhaustion and back damage.

4. Cosco 3-in-1

Technical details

Brand NameCosco
Item Weight27.5 pounds
Product Dimensions46.9 x 19.8 x 33.2 inches

Product Description

The Cosco Hybrid hand trucks include an appropriate adaptable plan that ups and downs swiftly between outlines. These hand trucks have flat-free wheels with steel centers and a big dais, and no assembly is essential.

The Cosco hand truck is measured an expert hand cart since it can be transformed into three different settings. The hind part of the hand truck includes a handle that supports you adapt the truck into diverse settings without the using any gears or extra tools. This item Furthermore hails from entirely assembled from the producer, which assists guarantee the item’s stability. The truck can have a two-tire straight design, a four-tire cart or an aided four-tire hand truck.


  1. Stress-free to use with swift one-hand transformation.
  2. Easy to transfer with heavy weight flat free tires.
  3. Multipurpose and easy to move.
  4. 1000 pound Capability, items Dimensions: Height: 33.25″, Width: 46.88″, Depth: 19.75″
  5. Ergonomic which decreases the chance of damage, exhaustion and muscle stress.


It is made of long-lasting aluminum, these transformable hand trucks resist flexible when you are hiking up stairways or by means of the cart to transfer products through irregular roadway and edges. The wheels are aimed to be flat free, so even if you reel over crystal or other harsh substances, your wheels won’t rupture or lose form. When you use these hand trucks as a dais, the casters are enormously tough despite their minor size. You must too be capable to count on the tires projects to avert your masses from moving the tires. The anterior stand is built from aluminum, and it is actually widespread, so you can transport big containers.


The Cosco 3-in-1 functions better if you design to use it for marketable and manufacturing uses. It has a grasping volume of up to 800 pounds in the standing situation, thus one individual can securely move furniture, electronics, and delivery crates. If you mean to use these hand trucks in a dais situation, the cart can survive a mass of up to 1,000 pounds.


This hand cart is perfect for those who want a multipurpose design and a big weight volume. The ergonomic holders permit you to change the cart easily, and the turning tires aid you try the hand trucks on a dime when you want to move in fitted spaces. The truck isn’t fitted out with a draw down, so if you want extra security you will want to buy assuring belts

5. Harper PGCSK19BLK

Technical details

Part NumberPGLYSK19BLK
Item Weight20 pounds
Product Dimensions14.5 x 48 inches

Product Description

The Harper PGCSK19BLK Hand truck is made from crystal and nylon that deals a substitute over old-fashioned materials. The hand trucks also have a dense platform, ergonomic holder and big tires for swift sloping.

This hand truck has a typical standing design that is perfect for transferring containers. Regrettably, the Harper does not have an incorporated band or hoist; therefore you have to buying one alone if you want it for unbalanced masses or stuff that wants to be detained down. The holder of the hand trucks is bent to deliver a larger hold when shifting objects.


  1. Constructed in Stair Slides.
  2. Durable nylon design.
  3. P-Handle for single Handed Regulator.
  4. 10″ Heavy Duty All-terrain Inflatable tires.
  5. 600-Pound capability.


The structure of the Harper hand trucks is rare. The complete casing is assembled of crystal filled nylon, which offers power and firmness without entire of the mass that an aluminum or steel casing has. On the other hand, as of the dimension of these hand trucks, they even then balance about 94 pounds. This is weighty for a hand truck, and it might be also hefty for small heighted individuals to move. Several of the portions on this hand truck fix into place without using any tools, but then again it must stay durable and won’t pull distant in the mid of a work. The incorporated staircase slides are perfect for transferring furniture and extra hefty masses up stairways and you can buy a stretched folding nose extension to aid put up heftier masses.


The Harper PGCSK19BLK hand truck is having a mass ability of 600 pounds. The I-beam building on the hind of the holders strengthens the trucks and delivers extra power when you slant the weight back. The steel platform retains these trucks in a standing situation even as soon as they aren’t being functioned; therefore they are prepared to go when you want them.


These long-lasting hand trucks are one of the leading hand trucks to be prepared from crystal packed nylon. This structure adds just as much power as the heftier steel hand trucks without additional mass to the design. You can buy extra equipment to add different settings, and the step slides are perfect if you regularly have to transport masses up and down trips of stairs. These trucks are perfect for businesses and industries that want to decrease the work and energy engaged on shifting stock.

6. Magna Cart

Technical details

Part NumberMCX
Item Weight3.2 Kg
Product Dimensions63.5 x 38.1 x 6.4 cm

Product Description

The Magna Cart by Welcome personal is aimed for meek home uses and workplace usage. It is frivolous and long-lasting, includes a folding design and has robust rubber s for tires swift drive.

This hand cart is a typical standing hand truck with two tires. Single exclusive aspect of these hand trucks is the capacity to bend to a minor size. When totally bent, the truck just consumes up a place 25 inches high and 2 inches wide, that makes it perfect to stock and move with you when you mobile. Since its tiny magnitude, this hand truck can even suitable inside an above section on an aircraft, therefore you can carriage your baggage over the airfield without hurting your backbone.


  1. Bends flat for stress-free storage.
  2. It can be Extends to 39, 4-inch height.
  3. It can be used in the Rough ground.
  4. Magna cart Holds 150 lbs. of weight.
  5. It has lightweight Design.
  6. It is ideal for air travel.


This folding hand cart is aimed from frivolous aluminum. It just weighs 7 pounds, so it is light weighted enough too spontaneously and place inside your car case. The hand cart has two compact 5-inch rubber tires that roll on rug and other grounds for example solid and linoleum, and since the tires are tough, they won’t go puncture when you are in the center of a chores. The aluminum is too erosion resistant, therefore if you unintentionally get the hand truck damp or if it is uncovered to humidity throughout storage, it won’t become spoiled.


These hand trucks are long-lasting as designed to transfer a jam to 150 pounds, which is perfect for tiny file containers, bottles of water or foodstuffs. The grip spread out an entire 39 inches, so you don’t have to bend over when dragging it. Magnifying grips do have a propensity to turn and even interrupt if you place them below too much weight; therefore you have to be cautious of the weight you keep on the cart. The grips likewise have three adaptable nylon bands that go up and down to put lighter masses from gliding over the bars throughout carriage.


The Welcom Magna Cart Individual hand truck functions better with minor masses. It has a durable aluminum structure with long holders and it bends down for loading and transportation. This aluminum cart is the perfect measured for home uses or for use with slight trades that ship lots of minor products or participate in trade demonstrations that need products to be stimulated from one place to other.

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