Kawhi Leonard; A lion in sheep’s clothing!

Kawhi Leonard destroyed the Grizzlies with his ballistic performance!

Kawhi Leonard the beast from San Antonio Spurs
Kawhi Leonard shooting the ball against Memphis Grizzlies player. Scoring the victory for San Antonio Spurs. Spurs are now leading the series by 2-0
The match took place on 18th April 2017 in AT&T Center.

San Antonio Spurs are leading the series by 2-0 and have clearly managed to destroy Memphis Grizzlies earlier today. Kawhi Leonard made this happen through his ballistic and roaring performance against the Grizzlies scoring 96-82. San Antonio Spurs are roaring high in the NBA series with a 96-82 triumph over the Memphis Grizzlies. WOW! what a victory. Such a sad day for Memphis Grizzlies fan. The match took place in AT&T Center.

Kawhi Leonard has been a part of the San Antonio Spurs since 2011. His performance has been par excellence so far. I mean we all had a taste of his glorious throws earlier today. What a fantastic game put up by both San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies.

Kawhi Leonard is leading the Spur’s Monday Leaders Board by scoring thirty seven points and 9 out of 14 field goals. What a form I must say. On second spot we have Tony Parker with 15 points and 6 out of 14 field goals. On third spot we have Danny Green with 10 points scoring 4 out of 5 field goals. San Antonio Spurs are maintaining such amazing form and we are hoping they will ace NBA finals too. Is this because of the 6 feet 7 inches tall giant Kawhi Leonard? His performance since 2011 has been outclass.

Kawhi Leonard has been outclass in the court and is winning laurels for San Antonio Spurs. Leonard aced the game by scoring mid-range shots. He pocketed 18 points in the game’s first half and managed to get consistent free-throws. Now that is how you win the game! Leonard has pleased both his critics and his fans.

Did you catch the game earlier today? Who did you support? Did Kawhi Leonard woo you with his roaring performance? Do let us know in the comments section.