I.T. Trailer 2017
I.T. Trailer 2017

Adaptation of Stephen King’s literary masterpiece “It” is finally on its way and the IT trailer will leave you in chills. It is bloodcurdling and will give you nightmares for weeks to come.

The book had already been successfully adapted into a mini-series in 1990 and now the movie is on its way and will hit the cinemas on 8th September 2017.

It trailer is not your usual horror film trailer, the film’s storyline is based on a not so very happy clown and a grouping of seven young kids who come face to face with their worst fears when they stand against the evil clown named Pennywise.

The notorious clown’s gut wrenching stories of killing, violence and massacre dates back to centuries hence depicting a story of horror, bloodshed and survival against the odds. The film is directed by the famous Argentine screenplay writer and director Andrés Muschietti.

Andrés Muschietti is famous for her work in horror movie “Mama”. The screenplay for Stephen King’s “It” is written by Gary Dauberman, Chase Palmer and Cary Fukunaga.

The executive producers and producers of the movie It includes mighty names like David Katzenberg, Barbara Muschietti, Jon Silk, Roy Lee, Dan Lin and Doug Davidson.

The new IT Trailer is so haunted that it will make fearless and sane adults go blizzards and jump their guts out.

Are you ready to take a glimpse at this creepy trailer?

Well then here you go, take a look at the horror story of bloodshed, scary clown and innocent kids.


The movie revolves around a gang of young kids living in Maine and comes with a lesson in disguise that never trust a clown, not all clowns is happy.

Never, I repeat never take a sneak peek into a sewer, dripping tunnel and dark places. You will never regret following my word on this.

The film revolves around seven children living in Derry, Maine who learn to face their fears in character of the intimidating clown Pennywise.

Part 1 is named as the Losers’ Club; seven kids face their fears when terrorized by supernatural being Pennywise, the clown masquerades himself while abusing the trepidations and phobias of the sufferers.

The preferred prey that the clown feeds on is young innocent group of children, who are vulnerable and are easy targets. The adapted film showcases small-town norms and values the clown feeds on its prey’s vulnerabilities and exploits them, childhood pain, clown’s ugliness, fear and the strength of memory are its main strength.

Film’s music was launched on March, 23rd 2017 and is composed by Benjamin Wallfisch.

There were a couple of controversies surrounding the release of the IT trailer.

There was reportedly sighting of people dressed as clowns in South Carolina. After the initial reporting there has been multiple reports of people dressed up as clown and showing up in different states. In October 2016 this phenomenon has spread to whole of United States and Canada, some state that these are just a publicity stunt for the release of the movie but when we contacted the representative for New Line Cinema, he clearly denied all such claims.

Let’s take a look at what the characters has to offer.

The Pennywise Dancing Clown also known as “It” is played by Bill Skarsgard, an evil force that awakens every thirty years. It is a prehistoric, trans-dimensional, supernatural force that feeds on the innocence of young kids.

The actor Bill Skarsgard described the actor as extremely sociopath, merciless; he’s neither a clown nor a human. The clown enjoys the game of hunting on its preys. His sense of humor is so bad; what is funny, amusing and entertaining to him is scary and terrifying to its victims. Producer Lin has officially compared the character to Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker’s character.

The cast for the movie includes;

Bill Skarsgard as the notorious Pennywise Dancing Clown “it”

Bill Denbrough, The leader of Loser’s club is played by Jaeden Leiberher who with the help of his friends pledges an oath to take revenge against the heinous actions of the pennywise clown. Earlier Ty Simpkins was being considered for this role but Jaeden Leiberher confirmed in June 2016 that he will be playing the role.

Jeremy Ray Taylor plays the role of Ben Hanscom one of the affiliates of losers’ club.

Others include Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs and last but not the least Jack Dylan Grazer.

It trailer has already gained immense hits on all the leading social media platforms and the film is certainly rooting for a commercial blockbuster as far as I can predict. Let’s see what the future holds but right now after watching this trailer I am pretty sure I will be sleeping with my mom tonight and I am not even exaggerating.

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