There is no such official announcement regarding the iPad Mini 5 Release Date. In the iPad 5 Mini, there is no such drastic change, and it is said that the device will have the features similar to that in the iPad Mini 4. The specification of the device will remain more or less similar to the former device, but on the designing counterpart, the new device will have slimmer design than the iPad 4. It is expected that the device will have the thickness of 5.5 mm only.

Users will be offered with a rose gold version of the iPad Mini 5. The manufacturer has also decided to keep the 32 GB version to be the standard version for the gadgets. Previously this gadget was available in 16 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB versions. Apple has planned to incorporate the 3D touch feature within the gadget. It is also rumored that the iPad Mini 5 is set to be a waterproof and dust resistance version. As the iPad Mini 5, Release Datewill merge with the iPhone 7, so people are also expecting that the device will have the same waterproof features which are available on the other devices.


It is also expected that the device will have the latest iOS 10 installed in it and the use of the Aluminium chassis will also be made into the device which can protect an additional shield to prevent the device from bending and affecting its appearance.


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