Do you know today is Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday?

The original name Marilyn Monroe was Norma Jeane Mortenson. She was famous around as the fashionable actress and sex icon Marilyn Monroe. Today, June 1, 1926, is her birthday. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Marilyn Monroe was raised up in foster homes; her sur name Mortenson was exchanged by Baker was her mother’s maiden name, before the world knew her as Marilyn.

Here are some interesting facts about Marilyn Monroe which you will be astonished to know:

  • In 1949, Monroe earned only $50to pose for the naked photos that seemed in the opening issue of Playboy magazine. But later Hugh Hefner purchased the negatives from Tom Kelley when Monroe’s was famous. He paid $500 for each, but then he earned millions out of it.

  • It’s repeatedly said that Marilyn Monroe was a size 16, but a fashion editor for The Times of London opened up that rumor when she had the coincidence to try on articles of Monroe’s clothing. Sara Buys claimed. That “she was a size 8 and even in her plumper stages, was no more than a 10.”
  • Marilyn Monroe was hyperactive aware of her personality, and her friends sometimes stated on how different she was when she wasn’t “in character.” Her co-star Eli Wallach remembers walking about NYC with her, saying, “Nobody observed who she was because she was just being herself, all of a sudden she walk, attitude and appearance would change and in moments everyone would be eyeing her and asking for autographs. ‘I just wanted to be Marilyn Monroe for an instance.’
  • Marilyn stammered during the course of her childhood and teens. “I don’t know how it happened, occasionally if I was very nervous or excited, I would stutter,” she once said in an interview. Her stutter returned whenever she was excited or stressed and this was real.
  • Marilyn seemed to be quite interested in cooking as in 2010 collection of Monroe’s writings, letters and poems contained her personal recipe for stuffing, which was later reprinted and re-formed the unconventional recipe was comprising liver, heart, beef, egg and raisins, and some other ingredients and flavor, texture and presentation unexpectedly yummy. 
  • The dress she wore when singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” at John F. Kennedy’s 1962 birthday party auctioned for $1,267,500 in 1999. Again it was at an auction in 2016 for $4.8 million. The outfit she wears during “The Seven Year Itch” was at an auction for 6 million in 2011.
  • Marilyn Monroe was having the heaviest peach fuzz beard of that time. Studio chiefs were desiring to get rid of the facial hair, but she completely rejects. She stated that when the light hit the hair it produced her face to have a soft glow, so the photographer by no means used lenses, lace or Vaseline the way they did with other stars.
  • In 1956, when Marilyn Monroe wedded bespectacled playwright Arthur Miller, can you believe what was Variety’s headline?? It read as “Egghead Weds Hourglass.”
  • Rock instrumentalist Marilyn Manson derived his name, and that of his group, from the names of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson in order to project a contrast between good and evil.

  • When Monroe breathe her last, the New York Times stated that suicides in the city increase abruptly, reaching a record high of 12 per day. One of the fatalities in a suicide note says “If the most wonderful, beautiful thing in the world has nothing to live for, then neither must I.”


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