How many calories in a banana is a count that is best answered by nutritionist and dieticians when chalking out that diet chart for the client. But it is extremely significant for us as individuals to keep a count of the amount of calorie intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Banana, according to the botanical science is a berry that is considered as an edible fruit. People have become extremely health conscious. With the advent of several diseases and health issues, people have started taking their diet too seriously. In this way, they get delineated by many food fads and therefore get confused regarding making a proper diet chart. They are found unsure of the right diet. This simply leaves them disturbed and fatigued both mentally and physically. Therefore how many calories in a banana becomes a major point of concern.

One of the best ways to pull you out of these dilemmas is to know the facts clearly and not get confused with the different opinions. Found in different regions with various names Banana contains 89 calories per 100 grams. In fact, every food article has some amount of carbohydrate, fat which becomes the sole reason for the high and low rates of the calorie count. When studying how many calories in a banana one comes across information such as a medium sized banana contains about 27 grams of carbohydrates. The fiber it contains has the most important role to play in the bowel movement. The resistant starch which the banana contains is quite beneficial to the patients with high blood sugar and weight issues.


When going through the facts about how many calories in a banana,  it is found that banana is a major source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, Potassium, Sodium and other vital minerals which the human body needs. Deficiency in vitamin intake can hamper health and cause enormous damage to the whole system. Banana also acts as the source of roughage.

Nutritionist and dieticians suggest bananas in the breakfast because the first diet of the day should be heavy and nutritious. This will provide energy for the human body to survive the excursion of the entire day. Even the doctors recommend that as banana, certain edible fruits, and other items contain calories, it is important to burn that calorie. They suggest that rather than cutting out on food items and knowing how many calories in a banana, people should consume calorie containing foods but should make it a point that they burn down the calorie that is taken in. Exercise is the best ways to burn the carbohydrates and calories that are taken in. A proper lifestyle and maintaining a suitable cycle is crucial for an individual to live healthily.


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