Google Allo vs. Facebook Messenger: Which one is Best?

Written by Kimberlee Cohen

If you want to know Google Allo vs. Facebook Messenger: Which one is Best?Get accustomed with these apps. These messaging apps were previously designed for the simple conversation. But with the recent updates installed it can facilitate the communication in a more complex manner. When the users use these types of social media app for the communication purposes, they can use the app even to send the images, music files, videos and files to a group of users at the same time. Another unique feature of using these messaging apps is the ability to use the app in very low data consumption state and drains out very less amount of the charge of the battery.


If you want to decide Google Allo vs. Facebook Messenger: Which one is Best? Then you must know about the Google Allo first. Recently a new messaging app has evolved in the market for the users. Google’s new release in the field of messaging is the Google Allo app which has some similar features as that of the Facebook messenger and the apple’s I message. But there is a unique feature of the Google Allo app which makes it a totally new social media platform. By using the Google Allo, you can get the backing of the Google search engine just instantly.  When you enter a query, you can get a recommended search result from the Google in no time. So you can plan an outing with your friends quite easily.

But there is a major drawback of using the Google Allo app which does not allow the third party users into the application and so you cannot use the application for booking any movie tickets or a sit in your favorite restaurant.

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