Game of Thrones is fantasy drama based on a novel which is written by TBA, it is the sixth season of it. This will be telecast on HBO in America and it was scheduled to release on 24, April 2016. You will see this drama when it will be broadcast at 2 pm and repeat at 9 pm at US standard time. The mystery of this drama is more powerful than before, the sixth season is coming with so secrecy which remains around the story twists. Now this adventurous drama is developing with the most thrilling episode and you will found ten episodes of it.

This drama has original content which is showed by its producer. So the wait is over and millions of fans will see this daring drama on HBO and you will see all the episodes with the new and unique idea. The supporters are waiting for a long time since it has previously waited for several weeks. Now at this moment, the summer happiness is over and the winter snow starts and at last your wait is coming to end with the Premiere of it (Game of thrones).

Melisandre is playing an important role in the first episode of “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1” which is directed by Jeremy Podeswa. In this season, you will see many changes even you won’t get an idea what is coming next. This drama is filming in the area of Northern Ireland, Spain, Canada, Iceland, and Croatia. The first scene of this drama will rise just where the season 5 leave off so you may suppose the first scene to be Jon Snow’s corpse.

There are many old characters come back but also this season has mostly new characters. The latest report shows that in this season 6 Ned Stark comes back for this season.  Now we have only the plan depiction to clarify about few of the other recently introduced characters. Now you just ready for enjoyment and a huge pleasure which will be starting soon even in this month.  

As we know the first episode comes with the name of “The Red Woman”, Melisandre conquering her wounds at castle black but this drama has multi-featured episodes. Melisandre (main character) of this episode in not get controls the action but we expect for this season there is nothing on sex and nudity.  

On the premier of Game of thrones 2016, you will catch the opportunity to get access interactive activities which are the ultimate enjoyment for the fans of the Game of Thrones. The trailer of this episode shows that this season will be tricky for their viewers but stand out work of all casts, producer and director. We know that expectations are always high at the starting of this season but there are very little expository things which are beginning with a hit and you are right into the thrill of the story. So do not forget to watch the 1 episode of “Game of thrones”.


  1. Almost time to take the pledge.

    Season 6 gathers, and now my watch begins.

    It shall not end ’til the season finale.

    I shall embrace no husband, clean no lavatories, entertain no children.

    I shall do no dishes and make no dinners.

    I shall live and die at my TV.

    I am the witness in the darkness.

    I am the watcher on the couch.

    I am the fire that burns the hand that tries to change the channel,

    the one who programs the sky plus,

    the one who yells “NO TALKING!”,

    the shield that guards the remote control.

    I pledge my life and honor to this seasons watch, for this night and all the nights to come…. till the end of this season.


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