FBI Agent shots kidnapping victim: botched raid in Houston

Houston: An FBI agent shot brutally, a kidnapping victim while a botched operation was going on. It was early Thursday, inside a Houston home, leading Texas authorities to say, “the system failed.”

According to all the details surrounding the man’s death keeps the case under study, three defendants in the kidnapping case were exacted in the court Friday, in the morning, in a case that policemen say involved a home invasion, ransom demands and the escape of a child.

“The system failed,” Philip Dupuis, the police chief in Conroe, said at a news conference Thursday about the victim’s shooting. “We do this job to help people and it doesn’t always go our way.”

Conroe police stated that the incident has begun on Wednesday morning after officers were finished their works and went back to home for a disturbance call.

FBI Agent shots kidnapping victim: botched raid in Houston
Not a real footage

They have seen and observed that a man — later identified as Ulises Villadares — and his 12-year-old boy had been detained at gunpoint by two men. Those two men demanded money, necessitated the father and son, and combed the home for valuables, police said. But, could not really manage.

The armed thugs then took Villadares from the home and instructed the small boy, who was still bound, to stay behind and not contact police, Dupuis stated to the media.

Gone for a single moment, the boy was somehow capable to save himself and run to a neighbor for help.

In the meanwhile, one of the neighbor uncles who was not come back home at the time discovered the aftermath and spoke to the police officers who arrived at the scene at that very time.

The causes for the gunfire on this Thursday, during the raid, was not detailed during the news conference with the FBI in Houston at the moment. KPRC reported that Villadares’ hands had still been bound when agents arrived.

In a statement from the Policemen, the FBI said the shooting was being examined by an internal incident review team and the proceeds will be shared with the Department of Justice and local police.

FBI Agent shots kidnapping victim: botched raid in Houston

“The FBI takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents and as such have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them,” the agency stated to the media.

The FBI agent who shot Villadares has been placed on prepaid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.