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The expected release date Clash Royale Update for is September 20th, which has been pointed out by leaked details from China. A fan theory regarding the 20th September release date of Clash Royale Update speculates that the developer, Supercell, would want to allow players to take time and understand the new cards. According to a source, the balking of players tourneys can be a way of suggesting that the game developer is making space for increased number of decks before the game’s return.

It was also informed that Supercell will reveal the Clash Royale update release date on 14th or 15th of September. This will be followed be the final update which will be made available a week later and then spoilers will take center stage. Another user has theorized that the developer will not waste any more time as the game is in dire need of changes. The game developer cannot afford to push back the update anymore because the fans who have awaiting it for a quite a while now.

Any details regarding the update have not been revealed by Supercell apart from the one that is regarding the changes of emotes. All they have said regarding the update is that it will be released in this month of September. If the leaked news from China is based on facts, the update will include balancing changes such as freezing spell, giant skeleton, giants and more.

The same source also declares that the game will bring forward new contents that could include 2600 cup, changes in tournament mechanism and possibly a new buddy system. However, this has not been confirmed by Supercell as of yet.

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