‘Clash of Clans’ News & Updates: COC is ready for fight against ‘Pokemon Go’

Clash of Clans vs Pokemon go
Written by Mark Joseph

The most prevalent and successful game of Supercell’s “Clash of Clans” are ready to take the battle against “Pokémon Go” after it went viral after its release earlier this year. Many believe that this update is about to change some of the dimensions of gameplay or at least cover some expectations of crazy fans.

Exhilarating updates are expected by the loyal “Clash of Clans” fans. Although the rumors of the game going virtual were confirmed to be a hoax, but it is certain that a massive update is going to hit us soon which includes friendly challenges, clan wars, improved gaming experience along with treats and extravagances like free gems. If this won’t satisfy the loyal players, I don’t know what other options developers must have to make it more appealing.

One can ask why such changes and updates are brought so swiftly to this already well-established game, well one of the reasons can be the flocking of many users to “Pokemon Go.” Well, fear not as the clans are up to battle against the remarkable Pokemon with their immense updates. Will this be enough to once again claim the title of one of the most successful games? That’s an answer which every loyal player has to answer after the updates.

Also, another update that I believe will make every user ecstatic is the access to town halls to every player. It should be noted that access to town halls in the existing game was only limited to players who have reached a certain required level.

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