Casino boat engulfed fire: a woman died hours after the accident, how?

Florida: A woman passenger was dead after a long period of time after a casino boat caught fire off Florida’s Gulf Coast, pushing her and about 50 other passengers and crew from the boat to jump into the frosty waters to escape from the fire.

In the late hours of Sunday, hours later the fire rose, while 14 other people on the boat were badly injured, Regional Medical Center, Bayonet Point spokesman Kurt Conover said Monday. The woman was left for her home after jumping off and the boat and escaping from the fire that was engulfed in fires but went to the hospital’s emergency room after she became ill at around 10 in the night.

Other passengers who were injured were going through chest pain, smoke inhalation, and different other injuries. Conover stated that eight people from the accident were treated at Bayonet Point and have been released from the hospital.

One of the policemen from the Port Richey, present on the accident spot said 15 people were injured in the fire and in the beginning, it was believed that none of the damages were life-threatening.

Casino boat engulfed fire: a woman died hours after the accident, how?

The shuttle boat caught fire at around 4 in the evening on Sunday, quickly sinking the boat close to shore near household neighborhoods.

Port Richey Police Chief Gerard DeCanio stated that the shuttle boat encountered engine quandaries after leaving the dock at Port Richey, a local community about 35 miles (55 kilometers) northwest of Tampa. But as the vessel turned back, flares kicked up high and people began jumping overboard into shallow water, according to the rumors and the stories we heard from the Tampa people.

Larry Santangelo, a 57 year old man, said he had just driven into his neighborhood when he started to see smoke and fire and thought a house — possibly his own — was ablaze. But then he realized it was the boat just about 100 yards (91 meters) offshore his house.

“It was so windy and they were soaking wet,” stated Santangelo. He worried that some of the people on the boat might suffer from hypothermia.

“They didn’t have much time to decide whether or not to jump,” said Bakr Jandali, 19, who was with his family at home nearby when they heard the commotion. “The fire was moving fast. It was a hard jump.”

Casino boat engulfed fire: a woman died hours after the accident, how?

Jandali also said passengers had to jump out about 12 feet (3 meters) and wade through somewhat shallow water. He said passengers waded in waist-deep water before reaching the land. Residents then offered them towels, socks, and water to drink.

“All of us, my family and the neighbors, brought them towels and water,” Jandali also mentioned this. “They were so cold.”

Authorities today have said that the Coast Guard, sheriff’s office, police and other agencies took part in rescue operations.