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We all know that, when it comes to the world of smartphones, iPhone is most certainly the number one choice of most people out there. Now, people are definitely using other brands as well but, let’s face it, if everybody could afford an iPhone then everybody would purchase one. Although, if everybody had an iPhone it would most likely not be that special, it is still holding a number one place in our hearts and it will most likely continue to do so.

Do you have an iPhone?

Now, we all know that iPhones can be expensive but, nobody can actually think about the fact that, there is an iPhone that has been sold for a price close to $15 million. And it is definitely not the most peculiar thing. There is an actual list of the 10 most expensive iPhones out there and we are here to give you at least. The conclusion will be yours.

At number 10, we are giving you the cheapest of the most expensive iPhones in the world. A rather special gift for someone you love, especially on Valentine’s Day. An actual pink Valentines edition iPhone that costs $2350. A truly amazing gift for someone you love with a metallic pink body and a chosen name or logo can be found engraved on the rear.

Here is the actual list

Moving on to number nine we have something that every anime lover would want to have. An actual Pokémon go iPhone edition. We all know famous game. Well now it has its very own iPhone. The price is $2700 and the reason why it is so expensive is simply because of the fact that, by purchasing this iPhone you are immediately going to be getting a prepaid account for the game with maximum currency that is going to be worth approximately $100.

On number eight we have the Calypso diamond iPhone 6S. A delicate precision in the design and a panel of 1091 diamonds in April white frame with a black platinum on the front is definitely going to be worthy of the $3600 it costs.

Our number seven choice is going to be the one iPhone that has actually been inspired by a true person. Rather than Vladimir Putin himself. Yes, the iPhone Vladimir Putin addition is a true masterpiece for those who love the Russian president and will definitely want to show it as much as possible. The 18 karat gold backplate of the iPhone with the phase of the President engraved onto it is definitely worthy of the $4340 price.

So much gold

The sixth iPhone on this list is definitely going to be one that paleontologists around the world are definitely going to love and will want to have. A dinosaur edition iPhone. It is claimed to be the very first dinosaur themed mobile phone in the world. Only 10 of those phones were made and the reason why it is so expensive? Simple, very is actually made up of a tooth of a 65 million years T Rex and meteoric stone beautifully accompanied by an 8.5ct diamond ring as well as a diamond studded Apple logo in platinum. The price, $63,000.

Who doesn’t love a princess cut ring? The perfect gift to give to your future wife. Now, imagine how awesome it would be fewer actually able to do the exact same thing but use an iPhone for it. And of course this is definitely something you can do because our fifth choice is going to be the iPhone princess plus. Costing 176.400 dollars this iPhone is encrusted with 318 diamonds with 17.75 carats of diamond set in an 18 carat completely white gold rim. Would you purchase it as a gift for girlfriend? If you were to ask her to marry you she would definitely say yes.

Of the three runner ups

Our fourth choice is going to be the one million dollar gold and diamond iPhone. That’s right, a 24 carat bezel with 1600 flawless diamonds, a navigation button that has a single cut to carat diamond and of course a 24 carat goldplated logo on the back, with 53 diamonds is most definitely one of the most expensive and most beautiful iPhones on the market.

Third on the list is the deluxe customised diamond studded iPhone 7 with a price of $1.3 million. The gold or platinum plating studded with six diamonds on the exterior and a complementary Zero Haliburton case in suede leather is most certainly one of the most beautiful pieces out there.

And before we reveal our number one choice we must give you the runner-up. 2.517.345 million dollars are the price of these iPhone 3G Kings button. A solid gold iPhone with 138 remarkable cut diamonds and a really really rare 6.6 carat diamond as a navigation button. You definitely don’t want to drop that.

The clear winner

And the time has come for us to reveal the most expensive iPhone out there. At the actual price of $15 million we are giving you the solid gold iPhone five with the deep cut black diamond. At right, if you simply have $15 million laying around why not give them to purchase this particular iPhone? The solid gold body with the beautiful 26 cut single black diamond as the navigation button, the 600 white diamonds as a frame and the golden apple logo with 53 diamonds is most certainly worthy of the $15 million it costs.

Now that we have given you the list, ask yourselves this question. Would you spend money to purchase any one of these iPhones and if yes why? There is one thing that we can definitely guarantee though. You definitely do not want to take this iPhone with you, to places that can endanger it. Just imagine dropping one of those in the toilet or actually spill something onto it. A definite nightmare that you will never want to become a reality.