Boat Race 2017
Boat Race 2017

What are the odds? Who will win the Boat Race 2017

Like every year the tantalizing Boat Race 2017 competition will begin this Sunday, April 2, 2017 and who are you betting on? The Cambridge or the Oxford University?  Who will win this century’s long competition? The Oxford kings or the Cambridge warriors, last year it was the year of Cambridge University boys let’s see who will score this year’s might championship.

Just like every year, thousands will march to the banks of river Thames to observe the annual Boat Race 2017; this will be the 163rd Boat Race between the Cambridge and the Oxford University.

Boat Race 2017
Boat Race 2017

It will be a four and a quarter mile race and the finish line will be near the Chiswick Bridge.

This Boat Race trend started in the year 1829 and since then has become a battle of not only rowing across the river Thames but it is much more than just a race it has become a battle of generations, a battle of courage, valor and a battle of the two most sophisticated class of the men that ever existed!

This Sunday, April 2nd 2017 will be the 163rd Boat Race between the two mighty universities; Oxford University and the Cambridge University!

Boat Race 2017
Boat Race 2017

Who are you betting for in this jaw dropping nerve wrenching competition? We are rooting for the Cambridge University since they won against the Italian national crew in the preparatory race for the annual Boat Race 2017. Let’s see if the Cambridge University’s beyond amazing rowers can continue their winning streak and be triumphant again this year against their eternal rivals from the Oxford University. They beat the Italian National rowing crew in the preparatory race by two and half lengths scoring three wins on the round for the Oxford University’s rowing crew.

This mighty competition has been going on for past 170 years and has given us great rowers like Mortlake and Putney.

Every year the rowing crews travel from East to West crossing the Hammersmith and leading towards Richmond.

This year like every year Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 will be very exciting for all the resident of Britain it will be a nerve wrenching competition for both the men and the women.

Women’s and Men’s race will commence on the same day but like always women’s race will start an hour earlier than the men’s race.

The women’s race at 4:35pm and the men’s race around 5:35pm, every major news channel will do live coverage for this race.

Claire Balding will be covering the two hour long event for BBC this Sunday so do not forget to stick your bum to the couch facing television or even better if you can go have an experience of lifetime by standing on the bank of river Thames and rooting for your favorite team to win this season.

What is the history of this race?

Boat Race 2017
Boat Race 2017

This year the Boat Race 2017 is known as the “Cancer Research UK Boat Race”, this competition of generations between men began in the year 1829 and between the women began in the year 1927. Overall in the women’s and the Men’s race Cambridge university has been leading the scenarios in the women’s section  the Cambridge leading with 41 to 20 triumphs over Oxford and the in men’s section the Cambridge leading with 82 wins to 79 over the Oxford University.  Will the Cambridge University win this year as well? Well looks like this year the rowers from Oxford University are very well prepared to give their rival rowers from Cambridge University a very tough time.

What will be the course of this race?

The race stretches in the direction of the River Thames between Mortlake and Putney, the race is 6.8kms long or as you can say 4 miles and 374 miles of nonstop rowing by undoubtedly some of the par excellence rowers from the both legendary rivals.

There are two sides of the River Thames course the Surrey side and the Middlesex side, the surrey side comprising of Putney and Barnes and the Middlesex side comprising of Fulham/Chiswick side.

Only in the years 1846, 1853 and 1863 the course for the mighty Boat Race was reversed. Let’s see if this turnover for this race surpasses the turnover for the referendum, well this was pun intended.

So switch on your televisions or spend the day with your family this Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 on the banks of river Thames and bet with your friends and root for your favorite team to be triumphant this year. Well like always I am hoping that mighty rowers from Cambridge University will win this year as well and give the Oxford University a good taste of their medicine.