Apple vs. Google
(Credits : Youtube)

The innovation that is the smartphone was brought upon us nearly a decade ago when Steve Jobs launched a device that was a mobile phone, a touch-controlled iPod, and an internet device. That device has now become the iPhone 7 and it was launched September this year. The iPhone was often compared to Samsung’s flagship phone, but now, Google has decided to take the world by storm by entering the battle of smartphones when they launched Google Pixel.

Apple has been the top dog for a long time, accounting for nearly 16% of all smartphones shipped globally in 2015. However, the sales for the iPhone seem to have fallen from 183.16 million devices in 2015 to 166.38 million in 2016 over the first three-quarters. Apple’s problems may not end there since Google has just released Google Pixel and this may not mean very well for the long time smartphone superstar.

Google Pixel has achieved something that only Apple was able to do until now. They were able to integrate devices and software into an ecosystem. Meaning that the device can be an integral part of day to day life by coexisting with other devices. For now the devices connect things inside homes, in the future, it will surely expand. Sure Samsung has the OS Tizen, however, it is not able to ensure that it is an absolute necessity for other devices.

The two phones, Pixel and iPhone have a lot of things in common, both have their very own Artificial intelligence app, Siri and Google Assistant. Both have their app sources, the App store, and the Play Store. Another thing in common is the cloud storage, however, Pixel might have the upper hand with regard to this. Google is offering unlimited cloud storage for full-resolution videos and photos, something that iCloud has yet to provide to its users. Will this be the tipping point to decide which smartphone is better?


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