App Store removes Telegram for few hours and puts it back


Famous messaging application, Telegram was today removed from the App Store on iPhone and iPad. Surprisingly, both the primitive Telegram app and the quicker, Swift-built alternative Telegram X were eliminated without any announcement from the company itself.

Telegram’s elimination from the App Store was initially remarked in a Reddit string, where users theorized that it could be anyhow linked to a significant update Telegram declared today for Android. It doesn’t give a lot of thought as to why the Telegram iOS apps would be eliminated in connection with an Android reporting, but it’s deserving remarking that the two events apparently occurred within the very hour.

One Reddit user, though, alleges to have occupied a hold of Telegram support, which stated that the elimination of both apps from the App Store was by error and that they will become available back soon. The user draftee:

This is not intended (source: Telegram Support). Hopefully, it will be resolved quickly. Both versions should come back soon.

App Store removes Telegram for few hours and puts it back

Some users are contemplating that Telegram might have been planning to issue updates to the apps and wrongly dismissed them:

There’s no reason Telegram original would disappear and not be replaced. Let’s hope it simply was a small hiccup and they’re uploading new versions of both Telegram and/or X today.

The elimination doesn’t seem to be limited to users on the Twitter story being incapable to locate the applications globally. At that point, it was unclear whether the mistake is on Telegram’s front or Apple’s front.

Later in the day, Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov said Apple removed the app over ‘inappropriate content’ and it will return when the issue is resolved.

Again, it was informed to us that Telegram appeared to be back in the App Store.